More Little Wisdoms

Hi Folks:

A few months back I wrote a post called ‘Little Wisdoms‘ because I often get these short insights – sometimes when I awake in the morning and sometimes during the day.  Most of them are pretty short and almost all of them get posted on Twitter, but I’ve started making a collection in a Word file as well.  I’ve accumulated another stack of them so I thought I’d share them here.


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Little Wisdoms

Hi Folks:

Been a little quiet of late here in our little corner of the ‘net…  Anyway, some aspect of my Self has taken to waking me up at 1:40 or 3:30 a.m. or somesuch time and planting these little thoughts in my head, and since they’re mostly very short I’ve been posting them on Twitter.  I also started collecting them into a Word file, and I’ve got together enough now that I thought maybe I’d post them here as well.  If any of them resonates with you, feel free to share them… I usually just sign them as: ‘ ~ MNP’ Continue Reading →

Marcia’s Meanderings – Children as Teachers

Hello Dear Ones!

As adults, we often hear what most of us don’t realize was originally a biblical expression: “Out of the mouths of babes.” The term is usually in reference to something a child has said or done that has adults amazed at the wisdom emanating from a tiny being, as yet untrained in things adults should know. We remark on such wisdom with awe, not giving much thought to the Source from which it comes. We all have the ability to tap into Divine knowledge and a knowing beyond our own human capacity, whether we be eight or eighty, or somewhere above, below or in between those ages.

This past weekend I had a profound experience that I wrote about in my She Says – Intrinsic or Extrinsic? post. Though I only mentioned some of my situation and the results that led to my writing that post, I had two additional teachings come as part of that overall experience, both of which came through children. Continue Reading →

Marcia’s Meanderings – Freedom to Be

Hello Dear Ones!

In a mere 24 hours I’ve been immersed in two contrasting aspects of life and living. Both had lessons to teach me.

Eight adults doting upon one soon-to-be two year old child was an incredible and delightful sight to behold. When not dancing around like children themselves, the adults would pick up items with which to make music – a squeaky toy or hands slapping on thighs or a wooden spoon on a pot lid – all to ensure the continued antics of this non-stop child who adores music and motion. Where mere moments before some adult was complaining of aches and pains or a headache, they too were up on the floor wiggling in tune to the beat, the child carried in their arms as a dance partner. There was awe and laughter and adoration – adults for the child, and child with each of the adults. Precious!

Then I arrive home to an e-mail announcement that my father is downsizing his apartment and would each of us, as his kids, care to lighten his load of personal belongings by selecting from those items he no longer has room for or requires. Ah, to have an item of my father’s would please me immensely! Some of the choices are wood carvings he crafted himself. Others are unique and exquisite memorabilia from places as exotic as Greece and Egypt. Yes, Dad, thank you!

Both encounters triggered within me a dichotomy of emotions. From the joy of unlimited and boundless energy and expression, to the contrast of release and perceived limitation. From having need for nothing and enjoying life unfettered, to having much and then finding the need to give it all away.

Where do I fit into the picture, being somewhere in the middle of both scenarios and yet closer to the older end of the spectrum rather than the beginnings of life? Believe it or not, I feel closer to the beginnings of life. My body may be attempting – with my obvious yet resistant consent – to rebel against life’s physical challenges. Yet my heart and my soul are closer to the innocence of youth and the desire to be unfettered and to revel in the freedom to just be. Maybe that is where my Dad is as well – wanting to relieve himself of life’s burdens and to set himself free just to be once again. Is that really such a bad thing? In the moment I think not.

Just me, meandering …

In Light and Laughter,


He Says, She Says…

Greetings, dear reader!

We watched ‘Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone‘ again on TV last night, and although we’ve seen it (several times) before, what always intrigues us is Harry’s transformation from the world of the mundane to the world of the magical, and even more that these two worlds co-exist.  Both Marcia and Mike have had many ‘magical’ experiences in their lives, and so this week we thought we’d talk about living a ‘magical life’.

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