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Hi Folks:

Been a little quiet of late here in our little corner of the ‘net…  Anyway, some aspect of my Self has taken to waking me up at 1:40 or 3:30 a.m. or somesuch time and planting these little thoughts in my head, and since they’re mostly very short I’ve been posting them on Twitter.  I also started collecting them into a Word file, and I’ve got together enough now that I thought maybe I’d post them here as well.  If any of them resonates with you, feel free to share them… I usually just sign them as: ‘ ~ MNP’


“The Universe calls to everyone, holding out whatever he or she desires. Be one who answers.”

“Since Source energy is pure loving intention, why not abandon all sense of hesitation and simply dive in?”

“Everyone you see is a part of you walking a different path.”

“People choose life, not only to experience life, but also to experience death.”

“If you seek to find the most sacred place on earth, touch the very air around you. There is no other.”

“It’s the gas that lifts the balloon, not the weight removed from the basket.”

“Our very cells are constantly refreshed.  How then can we claim, ‘I am who I have been, and will always be’?”

“If you pray for change in your life, neither ask for nor expect sameness in every day.”

“Discover the feeling of ‘New Beginnings’ rather than ‘starting over’.  To an explorer, every step is a new beginning.”

“I am an artist.  My life is a continuous expression of my art.”

“I am prepared for joy.”

“Allow yourself to be overtaken by joy.  Let it catch you unaware…”

“Worry is applying an old idea to a new situation.”

“Allow yourself to be exceptional.  Because you are.”

“What would my world be like if I had nothing to prove?”

“The power of the internet does not drown ‘one voice’ out.  It makes ‘every voice’ necessary.”

“I always saw Creation as the process of making ‘something’ from ‘nothing’. It’s not. It’s selecting ‘something’ from ‘everything.’”

“It’s not that we are becoming more, but that we are becoming more aware of what we are.”

“Instead of trying to determine how your world works, decide how your world works.”

“Acceptance is not powerlessness. Quite the contrary: Acceptance builds a platform on which change can stand.”

“Accept the ‘responsibilities’ that are yours. Accept the ‘possibilities’ that are yours as well…”

“Can you stop being who you think others think you are long enough to discover yourself and become who you Are?”

“Stop trying to fit into the mold of who you used to be. Be who you are in this wonderful present moment.”

“Ask yourself: Can you learn to be strong enough to become truly defenseless?”

“Every morning as I give thanks I start with you and I think, “This is more than I could have asked for…”“

“As a tree’s roots never stop growing, so too any path you choose has no end.”

“I already am everything I desire. My experience then is a process of expressing my Being.”

“The past is gone, and can never be returned. Not to be forgotten, but set aside and stepped by for the coming of the future.”

“Every moment, every step leaves the past behind.  Live now.”

“Physical reality is not bounded by time and space.  Physical reality is expressed as time and space.”

“Remember to let go of that which is no longer worthy of your attention.”

“Do not seek to understand yourself. Understand yourself. There is a difference.”

“The best way to teach is to be.”

“Choice is neither a burden nor a responsibility.  It is… A choice.”

“If you are and have always been infinite, how will awareness of that change you?”

“Rather than listening to the fears of my past I am sharing the joy of my now. Only in this way can I encourage myself to be me.”

“I’m being guided by the potential of the future rather than the memory of the past.”

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