Don’t Call People Out – Call Them In

Hi Folks:

We came across this video the other day (presented at TEDMonterey 2021) and had to pass it along. This is the best forum for us to do just that! If you’ve read other of our posts this goes without saying, but we love this woman!

Loretta J. Ross - TED Monterey 2021

Don’t Call People Out – Call Them In (click on the image to see the video)

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

Hi Folks:

Today we celebrate all those who are mothers, all who have been and are no longer with us, and all those who have served in that capacity – fathers, aunts, grandparents, foster parents, siblings… anyone and everyone with an abundance of love to share. Today we honour You. (but Marcia’s still my favourite – Mike 💗👨🏻‍🦳👩🏻‍🦳💗)

Happy Mother's DayIn 2010 Marcia wrote a tribute to her father: Remember Father for Mother’s Day. Since then, Marcia’s mother and father have left us. Mike’s mother, dad and sister (herself a mother) are also gone, and Mike’s father passed away yesterday. We remember them in our hearts. However, we are blessed with an abundance of other family and we’ll be welcoming a new granddaughter this summer!!

Sending love and hugs your way!

P.S. Let’s not forget the Mother of us All…

Who Were Those Masked Reindeer? I’d Like to Thank Them…

Hi Folks:

Last Sunday Twinkles and Krinkles decided it was time for their annual festive walkabout downtown. This is the sixth year in a row they’ve done this; their reasoning is that a lot of people lose their smiles this time of year and so Krinkles and Twinkles like to help people recover them. These energetic reindeer have huge hearts and they love nothing more than to share that with others.

We set off from our home in James Bay, and stopped first at Cora’s restaurant on Douglas Street for a fortifying breakfast. Twinkles and Krinkles were welcomed right in (our host has a soft spot for reindeer, especially around Christmas).

Mrs. Claus, Twinkles and Krinkles at Cora's

Mrs. Claus, Twinkles and Krinkles at Cora’s

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Happy Holidays!!

Hi Folks:

Well, it’s been a year, to put it mildly. Ironic perhaps that in many ways the very things that have kept us distanced have brought us closer together. We’ve learned that while we see this planet as a huge place, it’s just a tiny blue ball in the vastness of space, and yet all of our loves and losses and hope and history are caught up on the surface of that little blue ball. In David Suzuki’s book, ‘The Sacred Balance’, he asks us to imagine a sphere the size of a basketball. Lay a sheet of tissue paper over the ball. All life on this planet of ours exists in that layer of tissue paper. As the Lakota people say, “Mitakue oyasin”: we are all related. The coming year promises to bring its own share of joys and challenges, but together we can build something beautiful.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Festivus, Solstice or Saturnalia, the arrival of Sinterklaas or Grandfather Frost, Hanukkah, Mawlid Un Nabi, Yalda, Pancha Ganapati, Bodhi Day, Kwanzaa or something entirely personal, we send you love. Create an amazing 2021!!


P.S. So much of Christmas seems to be about gifting. We offer two thoughts from others on what gifting really means:

from Burning Man (click the image or the caption to go to the article – image © Jane Hu (2018)):

from Robert Lee Fulghum: The Orange 🍊

Admiring the View

Admiring the ViewHi Folks:

We’re actually in Tofino, on Canada’s wet coast right now. Last Thursday marked four years since Mike’s dad passed away, so when we saw this man on the rocks admiring the view we thought of Pop. Wherever he is now, we’re sure he has a great view!


10,000 Days

On February 19, 1993, Marcia and Mike met on a snowy hillside in the pre-dawn light.

Thank you for being a part of our Story.
Black Wolf and Owl



Happy Father’s Day!!

We stand on the shoulders of giants.

Many thanks from us to all of the men and women who fulfill this role.


A Double-Down Anniversary

Hi Folks:

Today (June 8, 2020) is a very special day for us, for a couple of reasons. For one, 18 years ago today Marcia proposed. On one knee, at the edge of a creek along a walking trail in the woods. After weighing the pros and cons of the idea, giving each side appropriate merit and thinking of all of the possible outcomes (all of which took approximately 0.36 seconds), Mike of course said, “YES!” Not that much of a fool. We continue to say “YES!” to each other every day. 🙂

Forever Valentines
Forever Valentines (image made February 14, 2012)

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Simple as that.
Always has been… 💗 In Some Cities, Police Officers Joined Protesters Marching Against Brutality

2018President Austin: SuperheroPresident Austin: Superhero


This video of people hugging Dallas cops has been viewed 25 million times


What happens when two NPD officers walk down Main Street with signs that say “Free Hugs”? #HugACop

2014Police officer and young demonstrator (Devonte Hart) share hug during Ferguson rally in Portland

Hug someone you love today. or a stranger. Or, preferably, both. Even virtually.

Hugs from Us too.



Earth Day, 2020

Hi Folks: We wrote this as one of our first ‘He Says, She Says…” posts back in 2010. What we each wrote then is still relevant today. Here’s what we had to say then: Marcia’s View / Mike’s View

Be well, and wherever you are, remote hugs from US!!

Following is our original post from 2010:

Hello, Dear Reader:

Well, today is Sunday, April 25, so this is the last official day of ‘Earth Week 2010‘.  Of course, as the adage goes, we should all make every day Earth Day.  We’ve had some fun this week, taking part in several of the various local activities.  On Earth Day itself we stayed close to home but we were at the Earth Day Parade yesterday and at the local Sierra Club’s Earth Fest today.  So, with that in mind we thought we’d make the topic of today’s ‘He Says, She Says‘ post about ‘Earth Day’.

Have a great week!


Follow these links to read what He Says/She Says: Marcia’s View / Mike’s View