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A few months back I wrote a post called ‘Little Wisdoms‘ because I often get these short insights – sometimes when I awake in the morning and sometimes during the day.  Most of them are pretty short and almost all of them get posted on Twitter, but I’ve started making a collection in a Word file as well.  I’ve accumulated another stack of them so I thought I’d share them here.


“Choice denotes preference, not judgment.  The secret lies in understanding the difference.”

“Learn to live from the inside out…”

“There is no ‘we’ in infinite.”

“Once I had many… Now they have all gone. The wind has carried them away.

(and a response from Marcia)

“I once had few. Limited by surrounding darkness. The sun rose to brighten my days and lighten my life.

“The candle doesn’t send out its light; the candle IS the light that flows out from itself.
You are the candle.”

“The mistake is in believing that you create in the physical.  You create the physical.”

“I am awake and alive in a sea of divine intelligence.”

“Rather than seeking to create the perfect future, imagine living in the perfect present.”

“I always thought of time as moving from the past through the present to the future.  It isn’t; the present is continually unfolding, an ever-changing kaleidoscope.”

“Never try to explain wonder.”

“Perspective changes more than what I see; it changes what I am.”

“Enlightenment is the place where you realize you have always been.”

“When something you asked for a long time ago shows up in your life it’s not because it took a long time to manifest but because you’re now in a place of allowing it.”

“We ask you to accept, not a different reality, but a new way of living.”

“Everything in your life right now was once a thought, a fear, an idea, a dream…”

“If where you are won’t allow you to get where you want, change who you perceive yourself to be.”

“I need not find my place in the world; the world wraps itself beautifully around me.”

“My consciousness extends beyond my body, but what extends beyond my consciousness?”

“Fear doesn’t tether you to the ground; you tether yourself. Fear is the rope you hold onto.”

“The same rain waters all the flowers…”

“Enjoy preference without judgment.  Both are reflections of you.”

“Throughout my life I have planted seeds of inspiration inside my soul. As I grow within myself, these sprout and blossom.”

“Expectation IS intention.”

“To create change: rather than being determined, be joyful.”

“Creativity does not originate in the non-physical and then get translated into the physical.  Creativity IS, and in Being expresses itself in all dimensions.”

“Rather than trying to change what is, allow what you desire to replace it.”

“Can you see the beauty of you being the sun that gives light and life to the rest of your world?”

“Isn’t it the most wondrous feeling to accept your own perfection?”

“Live your answers.”

“Acceptance and letting go make each other possible.”

“Beliefs are choices made without awareness.”

“One principal difference between children and adults is that as adults we tend to forget we’re pretending.”

“What is the role of a healer in a place that doesn’t need healing?”  The answer, of course, is “To maintain the balance.”

“Reality creation is a Self portrait.”

“Each moment is complete within itself, owing nothing to the ‘past’, nor borrowing from the ‘future’

“Ideas are not ‘dead weight’, flat and inactive, but alive within the context of their own experience.  Allow them to open and blossom for you, inhale their scents and allow them to enrich your experience.”

“Ignore the mirror; what do you SEE?”

“Embrace that which you most fear.”

“The only imperfection is an imperfect view of the perfect, which is perfect in itself.”

“We’re not growing in strength, power or ability; we’re infinite.  We’re growing in awareness.”

“I used to think that for an idea to be expressed in physical reality, a way had to be found for it to be presented that would make sense.  It’s actually the opposite.  We’re aware of experiences in our lives BECAUSE they make sense.  Other valid experiences are not perceived simply because they lie beyond our perceptual abilities in the moment.

The process then is not one of finding a way that makes sense, but in having the idea, accepting that it does.”

“Some people act as if the value of their praise diminishes with use.  Be generous!!”

“The Sun can’t be the Moon, even if it tries…”

“You accepted without question for many, many years that all experience was outside of you, with no more reason than that it has been the commonly accepted belief.  Can you equally accept the opposite?”

“Physical reality exists to provide sensory experience.  Period.”

“I think of all my dreams and wonder, “How I can I ask for so much?” The answer comes, “Can you only ask for so little?””

“If you believe the world is flat and set off to find the edge, on returning to the beginning you can either accept the world as a sphere or tell yourself you sailed in a circle…”

“Every time I think, “I should intend _____”, I already have.”

“Physical reality is merely a perspective of the non-physical to which you have applied certain beliefs.”

“In looking for limits and discovering none do you accept it and change or keep looking?”

“You are always first, even when you think you put yourself second; it is Your choice to do so.”

“The mind is how the body thinks.”

“YOU are the model from which everything you create is made.”

“The freedom you seek has always been yours; it is the essence of that which you ARE. You need only bestow it upon yourself.”

“Make judicious use of your thoughts.”

“I am infinite Being.  Therefore, what I ‘have’ is only that part I allow myself to see…”

“As a multidimensional being it’s impossible to express all of myself in this reality.  However, knowing that, asking myself how limited I am or how to deal with that sense of limitation are the wrong questions.  How best to express the physical aspect of my infinity is the right question.”

“The ultimate irony? We seek ‘grounding’ by surrounding ourselves with objects that have no essential solidity.”

“Celebrate the uniqueness of today.”

“Which is more important: what you do, or what you accomplish?”

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