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Hello Dear Ones!

As adults, we often hear what most of us don’t realize was originally a biblical expression: “Out of the mouths of babes.” The term is usually in reference to something a child has said or done that has adults amazed at the wisdom emanating from a tiny being, as yet untrained in things adults should know. We remark on such wisdom with awe, not giving much thought to the Source from which it comes. We all have the ability to tap into Divine knowledge and a knowing beyond our own human capacity, whether we be eight or eighty, or somewhere above, below or in between those ages.

This past weekend I had a profound experience that I wrote about in my She Says – Intrinsic or Extrinsic? post. Though I only mentioned some of my situation and the results that led to my writing that post, I had two additional teachings come as part of that overall experience, both of which came through children.

The shortened version that led up to this is that I took an orchid blossom, a canteen of water and a small pink ribbon with me to Christmas Hill near my home. There is an Arbutus tree at the top of that hill that I go visit most often ‘just because’. This particular day I needed counsel for a personal challenge and I felt drawn to be with the tree asking for some guidance and wisdom. The items I took were offerings as a gift to the tree in advance of the request – whatever the outcome. If you had asked me why I took the ribbon with me, I couldn’t have told you. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

The past few weeks I have taken two of three webinars on intuition – both were exceptional! David Morelli is the teacher, wise and sweet man that he is. Working through a clearing issue on myself, I found I could not get beyond a personal block in order to further develop the skill that David had taught us during the second session. I wanted to discover why I was having a challenge in this particular area.

These webinars were targeted to teach me how to better use my intuitive senses. It is not surprising, then, that I would ‘know’ to be here on this hill top and at this particular location. I placed the orchid at the base of the Arbutus tree. I poured the water from my canteen at its roots. Then I placed the ribbon. Now envision that there is one string snuggly tied to this and several other trees in order to rope off a secure area to be avoided by visitors – a marking or fence, if you will, to keep people out for the protection of the trees and rock surfaces. I tucked the ribbon just under the string tied around the Arbutus in order to keep it secure from being blown away by the wind. I had a momentary thought to place the ribbon at the back of the tree so that humans wouldn’t see it.  Yet another thought followed immediately. This second thought came loud and clear, to place the ribbon directly in the front. It was leveled at about my waist height.

With gifts given, I went through the process of asking the Arbutus for guidance and insight. Shedding copious tears and with the writing of over 10 pages of rants, questions and insights, I was feeling this to be a very productive outing. I was ever so grateful.

It was at that point that I sensed people coming. Up till then I had been totally on my own – uncommon for that time of day on a Saturday! Quite a blessing! However, I heard a family coming. A young girl’s voice, maybe 4 or 5 year’s old,  blended in with her father’s deep tones. I acknowledged that my time alone here had come to an end and I put my notebook away in my backpack and prepared to leave the area.

Yet the family took the turn to the right rather than coming to this spot. I ‘sensed’ that they were going in the wrong direction when I heard the little girl ask where ‘her’ tree was. Without thinking, I spoke up and, pointing to the Arbutus, asked the child if this was her tree. “Yes!” she said as she pulled her parent’s hands to draw them closer to where I stood. I moved away to allow them to get closer to the tree. As I did so I spoke again directly to the child.

“This is my tree too!” I said. “Special, isn’t she?”

The little girl just nodded.

“Have you ever hugged her?” I asked.


“She likes to be hugged!” I said. And with that I left to descend the hill by a different route than I used to arrive up here.

As I made my departure, I heard her wee voice say,” Oh, Mommy! Look! The tree has a gift for me!”

She had found the ribbon that I had left behind. I smiled deeply with joy.

From that point in my afternoon, I headed off to a local coffee shop to have some lunch and do some more writing. I sensed I still had more to experience before my insights would gain clarity. The coffee shop was busy. There were few places to sit. I noticed a round table with no chairs, off in a corner on its own. I grabbed a free chair I found on the far side of the room and brought it over to make a place setting for one. Once I had ordered and paid for my items, I got my jacket off, and my notebook and pen out. I ate, sipped at my coffee and I wrote. (Again, for more on what issues I was dealing with, check out my She Says – Intrinsic or Extrinsic? post.)

I had just written something that brought tears to my eyes when a young boy made eye contact with me. He and his mother had just arrived and she was close by. But the child smiled and spoke directly to me, asking me why I was sitting alone. I told him that I had come alone, but that was okay – sometimes it was okay to be alone.

The boy was apparently not satisfied with my response because he looked about the coffee shop and spied an empty chair. Keep in mind that this child was likely no more than 5 years old. He went over to that empty chair and, with considerable effort and determination, pulled it to my table, placing it directly opposite from where I was sitting. I thanked him and told him that felt better, that it made me feel as though I were not alone today.

Yet he wasn’t done. He looked at the people in the shop and walked directly over to one woman, grabbed her arm, pointed to the chair he had moved himself and said, ” You can sit there!”

By this time, his mother had intervened and drew his attention elsewhere. And the woman he had grabbed ignored him – she was unaware of what had transpired prior to his accosting her!

But this intuitive child had sensed my emotion and did all he could to make me feel better. To him, not being alone was the solution!

Children, they are so wise … wise beyond their years. Wise in the ways of Spirit. They know how to listen, to intuit, to comprehend and to act from a place of innocence and wonder.

By the way: when I left the coffee shop I went over to where the woman and her son were enjoying their drinks. As I slid a Hug Certificate toward the mother, I looked directly at the boy and thanked him for the gift of his smile, letting him know how much I appreciated receiving it.

Blessings be to the children. May we forever learn from them!

In Light and Laughter,


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