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Happy Father's Day!

To all fathers and those who have assumed the role: uncles, aunts, grandparents, siblings, friends and others, today we salute you for the monumental task you have undertaken. Remember to lead with love.

Hugs, M&M

Father and Son(look closely)


Shooting Fall Colours... sort of

Hi Folks:

If you live in the northern hemisphere then autumn is upon you, and if you’re fortunate enough to be in an area that has deciduous trees, then they’re likely in the process of turning the glorious colours of fall – reds, yellows, oranges, browns… (NB: if you want to […]

The Earth is Singing

The other day I walked down to the ocean, stepped past the rocky shore and the water hid my sandals as the waves lapped playfully around me. I walked knee deep out to my island, where I’ve never been except at low tide, and had the ocean racing around and around the edges, […]

Photo of the Month - Cathedral Grove

Hi Folks:

March has been a busy month for us, but we did take one day toward the end of the month and head ‘up island’ to Cathedral Grove. A part of MacMillan Provincial Park, Cathedral Grove has been ‘gentrified’ to provide easy access to a stand of several-hudred-year-old Douglas fir […]

Photo of the Month - A Return to Film

Hi Folks: According to Wikipedia, it was 120 years ago (1892) that George Eastman first began supplying Thomas Edison and William Dickson with 35mm film for their movie projectors. Film was around before that, of course, but in a variety of sizes and feeding systems; 35mm film became a standard in 1909, and […]

Photo of the Month - September

Hi Folks:

One of the basic tenets in photography is that every image has to stand on its own merit – as the saying goes, “Nobody cares what you went through to make that photograph.” Still, I’m reasonably proud of the image below because of the circumstances in which it was […]

Photo of the Month: Thunderhead

Hi Folks:

October 4th already and I just realized this morning that I didn’t do a ‘Photo of the Month’ post for September. Yeesh! So, in the ‘better late than never‘ category…

September’s image wasn’t very hard to choose. I wish I could take credit for the clouds, but […]

Photo of the Month

Hi Folks:

Well, September descends upon us tomorrow – back to school for those who are so inclined, and the end of summer vacation for most. On this last day of August I had a look through Lightroom to see that I made nearly a thousand images this month. In the […]

Photo of the Month

Hi Folks: Well, if you promise not to mention that the ‘photo of the month’ post was due yesterday, I’ll pretend not to notice!

At a meeting of our local photography group recently, several people did presentations of images based on a specific theme. Mine was on ‘faces’. I should explain […]

Photo of the Month

Hi Folks:

I’ll get into the philosophic issues of pride and narcissism in another post perhaps, but since one of my great loves is photography, I thought I’d dedicate the last day of each month to a ‘Photo of the Month’ page. Basically this will be my favourite image of those […]