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Happy Father's Day!

To all fathers and those who have assumed the role: uncles, aunts, grandparents, siblings, friends and others, today we salute you for the monumental task you have undertaken. Remember to lead with love.

Hugs, M&M

Father and Son(look closely)



Hi Folks:

More than halfway through October and we have yet to do a Photo of the Month post for September… oh, well. A part of the reason for that is because we’re currently on vacation in northern BC. We’ll have more to share about our adventures as we go along, but just […]

Photo of the Month - Cathedral Grove

Hi Folks:

March has been a busy month for us, but we did take one day toward the end of the month and head ‘up island’ to Cathedral Grove. A part of MacMillan Provincial Park, Cathedral Grove has been ‘gentrified’ to provide easy access to a stand of several-hudred-year-old Douglas fir […]

The Man Who Made a Forest

Hi Folks:

Sometimes you come across a story that leaves you (almost) speechless. I am a writer, after all. Although this story appeared in the April 1, 2012 edition of ‘The Indian Times‘, it’s no April Fool’s joke. One man, two hands, two feet and thirty years created a 550 ha […]

He Says, She Says...

Hi Folks:

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s (wonderful) book, ‘Eat Pray Love‘ she has a conversation with her friend Giulio about why Rome is a beautiful city, but it’s not ‘her’ city. Giulio says that each city and each person has a word to describe them, and if your word and the city’s […]

He Says, She Says...

We have been thoroughly enjoying the process and unfolding of this blog site these past two months of 2009. And so, with great excitement, we are looking forward to the growth, the potential and the inspirational development of ourselves (both individually and as a couple) as well as that of our blog site […]

Telling Tales

Hi Folks:

I haven’t told any stories on this blog for a while, and if I let them build up too long, well, it might not be pretty. Actually, that reminds me of a technician I had working for me once. Great technician, but every once in a while she’d just […]

Plastic Salmon

Hi Folks:

I wandered off to the grocery store today, and as is my wont, decided to take a shortcut. Now to me, a shortcut is something that takes a fifteen minute walk and turns it into two hours or so. Sometimes longer. Fortunately Marcia is a very wise and patient […]