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He Says, She Says...

Hi Folks:

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s (wonderful) book, ‘Eat Pray Love‘ she has a conversation with her friend Giulio about why Rome is a beautiful city, but it’s not ‘her’ city. Giulio says that each city and each person has a word to describe them, and if your word and the city’s […]

The Dangers of Planting Bulbs

Hi Folks:

I thought that subject heading might cause a few people to scratch their heads in wonder, so permit me a moment to explain. First of all, I’ve had a love affair with the earth since I was a boy living in the woods in Quebec. I’d come home from […]

Plastic Salmon

Hi Folks:

I wandered off to the grocery store today, and as is my wont, decided to take a shortcut. Now to me, a shortcut is something that takes a fifteen minute walk and turns it into two hours or so. Sometimes longer. Fortunately Marcia is a very wise and patient […]