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More than halfway through October and we have yet to do a Photo of the Month post for September… oh, well. A part of the reason for that is because we’re currently on vacation in northern BC. We’ll have more to share about our adventures as we go along, but just to give you an example, yesterday we took a walk along the Butze Rapids Recreational Trail outside of Prince Rupert. It’s a 5½ km trail, and most people would likely complete the loop in 1½-2 hours, but being photographers we managed it in just shy of 5 hours. As we walked along, racing the snails as we went, we were endlessly captivated by what we saw and captured with our cameras. However, as often happens for us, the longer we were there the more the forest seeped into us, suffusing itself into our Being and making us a part…

Tree House

Tree House (photo by Marcia)


I have been suffused.


It began with the rain, rounding off my hard edges, wicking away doubts and fears and forming a fertile ground.

For the roots that began to seek the cracks, crevices and hidden places, gradually separating my bones and joints…

And planting a tree in my heart; a great cedar that outraced the wind to the sky then settled, staid…

An elder, passing wisdom to the young and listening to the travel songs of the birds, gathered over millenia…

Then leaning, tired, finally coming to rest and drawing a blanket of earth over my skin to sleep…

Only to be awakened by the calls of the young, nursing themselves with the tenderness of accumulated time…


Complete once more.

Nurse Log, Butze Rapids Trail, Prince Rupert, BC

Nurse Log


9 Replies to “Suffused”

  1. sumyanna

    I have not been to British Columbia in so long…. she is incredibly lovely! Wow. Your photos just make her all the more enticing! So glad to see I am not alone in taking my time through the woods. I would take so much longer than I do, but my husband does not love photography… or waiting for hours 🙂 We enjoy it either way. I love hiking, but feel bad that we never did that when I travelled in Canada. I am sure there are so many beautiful places to visit. Your images almost look magical.

    Ahh… those words are so incredibly lovely. You write beautifully! I can't wait until you share more 🙂 May both of you enjoy your trip immensely!

  2. sumyanna

    Gorgeous words and images. Truly love this. So sorry I've been gone a while – have been having problems with WordPress allowing me to upload any posts at all. Admin kept not working. Figured things out now (I hope). So good to see you!

    1. wolfnowl Post author

      And you! Love means never having to say you\’re sorry. Saw that in TWO different movies, so it must be true!

      Thanks much for stopping by!!



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