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Creative Photography Work

Hi Folks:

Originally wrote this as an e-mail to a friend but thought we should post this as well. Our friend has mentioned that she has been in a bit of a creative slump with her photography recently, so when I came across this article, I thought of her: Explore Photoshop Mix and Fix […]

Lightroom 1.4 for Android

Hi Folks:

When Lightroom Mobile (Apple only) was first introduced you needed a CC subscription to use it. Adobe eventually introduced Lr for Android, and with Lr Mobile 2.0 for iOS in October they dropped the requirement that you have a subscription. Lr 1.4 for Android was introduced today and it […]

Photo of the Month - September

Hi Folks:

It took a while to pick a photo of the month for September as both Marcia and I did some interesting work last month. I finally decided on the following image, which I call ‘Ascension’. It’s actually a bunch of sea oats I came across, but I used the […]

Uploading Phone/ Tablet Images to Lightroom

Hi Folks:

This post arose out of an answer I tapped out on my phone this morning in response to a question from another Twitter user. When I got to 2800 characters I thought maybe I should post it here as well. The question was, “What’s the easiest/simplest way to upload […]

Greeting Cards

Hi Folks:

As often happens with our posts, this one begins with a seemingly unrelated mish-mash of ideas that will hopefully find some confluence by the time I’m finished writing (and Marcia’s had a a chance to proofread it). We’ll see!

To start with, today is Marcia’s Dad’s birthday. […]

Photo of the Month - Oncoming Storm

Hi Folks:

This image was made on April 7, down at Clover Point and looking back toward Victoria. I was out for a walk that day without my camera, but the wind was really blowing and the clouds were just incredible so I made a number of images using my cell phone camera. It was […]

Photo of the Month - February

Hi Folks:

Here we are, with the first week of March come and gone already and we have yet to do a ‘Photo of the Month’ post for February! Egads!! I do have something to share with you, but it has less to do with a particular photograph and more to […]

Snapseed for Cell Phone Photography

Hi Folks:

There’s a saying among photographers that the best camera is the one you have with you in the moment. To that end, both Marcia and I prize our Android-based cell phones, and Marcia especially has a certain notoriety among our photo group for her landscape and macro cell phone […]

Photo of the Month - A Return to Film

Hi Folks: According to Wikipedia, it was 120 years ago (1892) that George Eastman first began supplying Thomas Edison and William Dickson with 35mm film for their movie projectors. Film was around before that, of course, but in a variety of sizes and feeding systems; 35mm film became a standard in 1909, and […]