Yes, Most Definitely!

Hello Dear Ones!

Once upon a time… a long long while ago…

Thinking it had been about 4 years since my last Marcia’s Meanderings, you can imagine my shock at discovering it has been 9 years… 9 very unique for all of us years…

Some of you reading today’s post will have read other of my writings. Many of you will be new to my work and words. Welcome to you all! Thank you for stopping by!

Since my intention today is to reestablish a brief daily connection, it will be just that… brief! And, as with everything I write, it will be heartfelt, positive and inspirational.

What has prompted me to connect with you in this fashion? Why today?

Every single morning, before I have my coffee or open my cell phone, I write. Referred to as ‘Morning Pages’ per Julia Cameron in her book ‘The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity’, this daily routine began for me on July 24th, 2019… before Covid-19. And the other day I returned to reading what I had written back then.

You might (or perhaps might not) imagine my response to my own words, experiences, emotions, growth…

During those readings I began to consider how others may relate to some of what I’ve been ~ not going through ~ but growing through.

Promising to keep these posts short, I’ll close for now and will write again tomorrow with some meaty material.

In Light and Laughter,


Interested in knowing more about the posts I tend to write? Check the link below for that last entry from February 2010.

Marcia’s Meanderings ~ Most Definitely!


Who am I? / Who I am!

Who would you be without your story?

~Byron Katie

Hello Dear Ones!

Something has been on my mind and in my heart of late that I wanted, and needed, to get down in print.

The past several days I have been contemplating two issues:
1. Who am I without my stories?
2. Who I am without my stories. Continue Reading →

Marcia’s Meanderings ~ Most Definitely!

Hello Dear Ones!

In a world where possibility and probability have become buzz words, where potential is highly praised yet expectation remains in question, where receiving product just on time rather than ahead of schedule is the norm ~ wouldn’t it be delicious to make room for: Most Definitely! Why Certainly! Absolutely!

Rather than building in contingencies for problems, limitations, setbacks and just-in-case scenarios ~ resulting in a greater probability of encountering them by the very matching of that same energy ~ how be we grow, develop and come to expect the very best of everyone, the power of teamwork, and the perfection of an idea, a dream ~ and live into its fulfillment by choice and by design!

In Light and Laughter,


He Says, She Says… Opposites

Hello, Dear Reader:

Our ‘He Says She Says…‘ post is a day later than normal this week, but we have friends in town and they get priority…

Our inspiration for this week’s post comes from a Seth quote:

“I am saying this as simply as possible. There are profound complications beneath my words, however. Opposites have validity only in your own system of reality. They are a part of your root assumptions, and so you must deal with them as such.

“They represent, however, deep unities that you do not understand. Your conception of good and evil results in large part from the kind of consciousness you have presently adopted. You do not perceive wholes, but portions. The conscious mind focuses with a quick, limited, but intense light, perceiving from a given field of reality only certain ‘stimuli.’ It then puts these stimuli together, forming the liaison of similarity. Anything that it does not accept as a portion of reality, it does not perceive.

“The effect of opposites results, then, from a lack of perception. Since you must operate within the world as you perceive it, then the opposites will appear to be conditions of existence. These elements have been isolated for a certain reason, however. You are being taught, and you are teaching yourselves to handle energy, to become conscious cocreators with All That Is, and one of the ‘stages of development’ or learning processes includes dealing with opposites as realities.

“In your terms, the ideas of good and evil help you recognize the sacredness of existence, the responsibility of consciousness. The ideas of opposites also are necessary guide lines for the developing ego. The inner self knows quite well the unity that exists.” ~ Seth Speaks, session 587.

So… Can opposites represent a form of unity, or are they, well, opposites?


Follow these links to read what He Says/She Says: Marcia’s View / Mike’s View

Marcia’s Meanderings – Yes, the book!

Hello Dear Ones!

The crunch is on – a mere 9 days left to get my book to the publisher. Hence Marcia’s thoughts and attention are meandering to the final edit procedures – the finishing touches and tweaks that will add that je ne sais quoi to the overall effect.

As long as I figure out what that je ne sais quoi truly is so that my readers can sense its presence within the covers, then I will have succeeded well for us all to benefit.

More to follow in the days ahead. Like a good book – leave the reader hanging …

In Light and Laughter,


Marcia’s Meanderings – Overcoming the Fear Funk

Hello Dear Ones!

Ever find yourself in a rut where fear has talons hooked deeply into your psyche and won’t release it’s hold? Ya, me too!

Fortunately it happens less often and for shorter and shorter periods of time. Blessings be! Yet when it does surface – showing me a perspective I don’t want to see or address or acknowledge in any way shape or form – I feel frozen into immobility. Everything in my world takes on a gray pallor and I see the fear, missing out on the beauty and sparkle of all else around me. So sad.

My most recent Fear Funk stopped me from writing anything positive. No poetry. No journaling in the front of my binder. I record all negative energy entries in the back of my journal book to at least keep up my writing habit, as well to separate the negative from the more upbeat positive energies. Also, it means I can tear up those negative pages when I’ve moved beyond and through the challenge they revealed to me.

Believe it or not, fear is a gift to us – one that reveals a challenge we need to address within ourselves. Next time you’re in a Fear Funk, when you can get to the point of appreciating the gift it is giving you, you’ll know you are on your way to a solution and the joyous release of its hold on you.

One of the keys to removing those nasty talons that have dug deep into your soul, is to name the fear. Once the Fear Funk is named – give it a label or make a statement about what hold it has over you – then you can more easily address the challenge and more freely side-step your way out of its strangle-hold.

Most often the plain and simple truth of the matter, the bottom line of it all, is that there is no trust in the value of self. No value in self means no value in Self and certainly no trust in the Divine.

When the Fear Funk has a hold of you and the feeling of optimism or any potential thoughts of hope are so far removed they don’t even show up in your vocabulary let alone in your dreams, it’s time to do three things:

1. define and name the Fear Funk.
2. force your mouth into a smile. Curl the edges of your mouth into a grin. Even if the smile doesn’t reach your eyes and your heart in the moment but merely adds to the wrinkles on your face – smile.
3. think of the happiest, silliest, most joyously and memorable time you ever had as a child … and then *g*i*g*g*l*e* about it! *G*i*g*g*l*e* until you feel a wee spark of joy within you. That little feeling of joy is one or more talons gone from your solar plexus. *G*i*g*g*l*e* more, letting it take on a life of its own and filling you to overflowing! The Fear Funk hates laughter with a passion – it can’t keep its hold on you when you’re laughing!

When you are ready you can add one more phrase to the statement or the name you’ve given this ‘gift’: one that reflects the trust you are more likely to be feeling – that all will, in fact, work out perfectly – if you can only have enough faith that the Divine Universe will conspire on your behalf to bring the necessary solution into your reality. It may arrive just in the nick of time (depending upon how open you are to receiving it) yet it is there for you! Can you feel it?

With the Divine conspiring on my behalf,  I can …. !

Be gone, Fear Funk!

In Light and Laughter,


Marcia’s Meanderings – Forgiveness

Hello Dear Ones!

Just the other day I was chatting with an acquaintance who felt she could trust me enough to share some challenges she was having. Normally I steer any such conversations away from the negative or I walk away – in this case, hang up the phone – if I’m unsuccessful in altering the focus to a more positive influence.

For this particular conversation, though, I sensed something of value in hearing this woman out. I’m still not certain if it was for her benefit or mine. The fact that I’m the one writing about it today indicates to me that it was for my own benefit. Part of me hopes that something in our discussion stayed with her and may have helped her in some way. It is not my place to know.

Here is the gist of the chat: Continue Reading →

Marcia’s Meanderings – Contrasts and Choices

Is it possible to be the visionary and the actionary of your own life? Not only possible, it’s the way most of you intended it to be. It’s the best of all worlds. What can be more exhilarating than to find a dream from the contrast, to fixate on the dream and let it give you pleasure as it grows, and then to watch Law of Attraction bring it into manifestation while you help with your action? Does it get any better than that? You didn’t think so as you made the decision to come forth into these physical bodies. You said, “This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to Create.”  Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Kansas City, KS on Sunday, September 27th, 1998 #390

Hello Dear Ones!

The above quote arrived in my e-mail inbox this morning. During the night I had awakened to thoughts of what I’d write about in this week’s post. The fact that this quote and my nightly inspiration were a perfect match confirmed for me that the topic was appropriate. Synchronicities like this add to the scope and dimension of my life. Love it!

Topic at the ready, I’m sitting here not quite knowing where to start. Originally my topic was to be solely about choices. To make a choice, one needs to have thoughts or things from which to choose. In the above quote Abraham talks about being a ‘visionary’, an ‘actionary’ by finding ‘a dream from the contrast.’ A good place from which to step out. Stepping out into contrast. Contrast: a good place from which to begin. Continue Reading →

Poetry Corner – Micropoetry

Happy Spring Dear Ones!

At least it is newly Spring here in Canada – especially here on the southern tip of our beautiful Vancouver Island.

May I suggest that you read my post from Monday: Marcia’s Meanderings – Thank you, Twitter! It’s brief and gives you a bit of an introduction to this post today.

Micropoetry is a new term for me, even as versed (pun intended!) in poetic styles as I am. Being relatively new to Twitter, I recognized the standard hashtag (#) defined in Wikipedia as: “Short messages on services such as Twitter or (that) may be tagged by including one or more hashtags: words or phrases prefixed with a hash symbol (#).” The use of this hashtag is to connect with people of like minds. If you want to share micropoetry with others you add the phrase #micropoetry into your tweet (your Twitter message) and others can see your poem. Similarly for #haiku or other short poetry styles. This works also for finding people interested in non-poetry subjects such as #hugs or #spring or #photography.

The following are some of the haiku and micropoems I have written recently:

The body slumbers ~ in moonlight spirit dances ~ sips on tears of joy. #haiku

Tulips bloom/ Two lips arch/ Smiles blossom. (in honour of Spring) #micropoetry

Welcoming smiles/ crack the landscape/ of a happy face. #micropoetry

Powdered sugar snow/Dusts the lawn/Sweetening the day. #micropoetry

On the bus a child/Knows her A B Cs song/ Sings to me sweetly. #haiku Continue Reading →

Marcia’s Meanderings – Light & Joy

Hello Dear Ones! Glad you stopped by…

The past two posts: Poetry Corner and He Says/She Says have focused on the topics of Light & Joy and Being the Light. This mind of mine was enjoying the energy from these inspirational topics. As a result my meanderings today are still being directed to the subject. Perusing my book shelf for something solid to consider and discuss had me opening texts at random. Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth was the hands down winner.

Rather than attempting to paraphrase Tolle’s work, I thought to inspire you from the master himself. (Please note the italics are mine.)

When you say, I enjoy doing this or that, it is really a misperception. It makes it appear that the joy comes from what you do, but that is not the case. Joy does not come from what you do, it flows into what you do and thus into this world from deep within you. The misperception that joy comes from what you do is normal, and it is also dangerous, because it creates the belief that joy is something that can be derived from something else, such as an activity or thing. You then look to the world to bring you joy, happiness. But it cannot do that. This is why many people live in constant frustration. The world is not giving them what they think they need.

Then what is the relationship between something that you do and the state of joy? You will enjoy any activity in which you are fully present, any activity that is not just a means to an end. It isn’t the action you perform that you really enjoy, but the deep sense of aliveness that flows into it. That aliveness is one with who you are. This means that when you enjoy doing something, you are really experiencing the joy of Being in its dynamic aspect. That’s why anything you enjoy doing connects you with the power behind all creation.

The majority of my days and the hours within those days are filled to overflowing with joy in all I do, those with whom I interact and in all encounters wherever I am in any and every given moment. It is exciting, then, when I see Tolle describing the feelings I have, that the joy is coming from within me – rather than me looking to find joy from those around me and the things that I do. It explains so much. Source fills me with the gift of joy, the light of my being radiates out, touched with the joy of Source and illuminates me, those I interact with, and the chosen corner of this physical world we are experiencing. Rather than looking to find joy outside of myself and to soak it into me as a sponge would draw in water, the joy comes from inside of me – and it is unlimited. A sponge is limited in its ability to absorb. Excess dribbles out ineffectually. Joy radiating out from within is unlimited and reaches out to all within its scope. The gift of knowing the joy within, of watching the effect it has on those with whom I connect, fills me to overflowing with the greatest and deepest sense of rightness. The more I live my life in this fashion, the deeper the sense of joy – the richer the gift that I and those around me are blessed to experience.

Selfish? Not entirely – though there is that aspect to it. The more joy I allow in, the greater the joy I feel. The greater the joy I feel, the more I am able to share. The more I share, the happier I am and the richer my relationships and life experiences. It becomes a cyclical spiral of energy feeding in upon itself and moving the spiral upwards, higher and higher into the furtherence of more and more joy.

I stated above that the majority of my days and the hours within those days are lived from this place of joy lived outward into my reality. I’m not perfect at it. Better and stronger and more at ease with the connection to this way of being, yet not perfect. It is now easier and easier, though, to recognize those moments when I am not living life from a place of joy – of concious choice to be happy and to fill myself up from within with the power of Source – God, the Universe, All That Is. I get a gnawing feeling within my being – it feels like fear – that antsy, restless, nervous sensation that something’s not right. I get this odd churning near my solar plexus that is trying to convince me that I should be afraid of something. When I look at it, I realize there is no logical reasoning for such an emotion to be filling me up with trepidation. There is no anger inside me. Anger, for me, is a misguided response to the deeper and truer emotion of fear. It is almost as though I’m a little girl and I have an angry parent near me. Not knowing what I may have done wrong to cause them to be angry, I have a sense that I am about to be spanked or punished for something in which I took no part. It is the frightened little girl feeling that tells me that I am not connected to Source, not living from a place of joy.

Holding on to this feeling only feeds the feeling and leaves me weak and vulnerable and of no use to myself, let alone anyone outside of me. I get jittery, begin to question whatever I’m doing in the moment and have even second guessed myself to the point of immobility. It has taken many years of trial and error, questioning and listening to myself, and my Self, to help me to be aware of this feeling and to know what it is I can do to let it go.

What is it that works for me? I smile. I smile at myself. I smile at my Self. Knowing myself to be a perfect child of the Universe – not a human child with baggage carried into adulthood – is what has me remembering that I am a being of light. My inner light – like the light of a single candle – is perfect in its unique beauty. My inner light, like that of a candle, dances and flickers with its own personal response to the world around it. Put two or more candles together in the same room and none of them responds the same way as the others. Each dances and undulates and flickers to a beat, a flow, a reality of its own. So too does the light within each of us. We dance our own joyous dances moved by the music, the flow of the Source of Universal energy bubbling up from within us as we allow it to fill us and to radiate out to the world.

Knowing how amazingly wonderful I feel when I am connected to Source, how could I possibly want to return to the feelings of human weakness of fear and insecurity? Yet it does happen – the return to those yucky feelings. Oddly it can sometimes take hours for me to recognize that I’ve returned to this place of emptiness and restless lacking. Though I seldom go back to my past  in thought – it may be helpful now in the sharing to tell you it used to take me months to get beyond this feeling of fear and restlessness. There was even a time when I spent years living in this zombie-like state. I shudder at the remembered life before this one.

Today, the joy I feel in the knowing that I now have it within my ability to release that restricting series of limiting emotions adds to the joy of my days and the minutes and hours of those days! The source of that power, that ability is not mine. It is in drawing the joy, the light and the love of Source, of God, of the universal love of All That Is up from within myself and allowing it to first fill me and then to radiate out through my eyes, my words, my actions.

Light and Joy. What a way to live!

In Light and Laughter and Love,