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Hello Dear Ones!

If you’ve been following my writings the past few weeks, this post will make immense sense. If you have not, may I suggest that you go back and read the following brief articles when you have time:

1.) A Crisis of Spirit
2.) Kicking & Screaming
3.) Insights from the Celestine Prophecy

The general gist of the above is about me going through a major spiritual crisis and the process of change and development that has since ensued in the weeks that followed. Yet another major life crisis arose this week resulting in a culmination of additional growth both emotionally and spiritually.

The past twelve years I have attempted to adopt a spiritual lifestyle more current with today’s new age phenomena (such as the Secret, the Law of Attraction, the counsel of Abraham, etc.). I have, however, recently realized that since the introduction of these newer philosophies, what I had innately lived all of my life – the magic and marvel of insights, inspirations and guided unfoldings – had begun absenting themselves more and more as I pursued these newer teachings.

With the additional crisis that arose this week, I have realized at my core that I no longer want to be responsible (the creator or co-creator) for the magic and unfolding of my life’s experiences. I do want to be a supportive and playful participant in all of the delicious and magical unfoldings as crafted by the Divine. Plain and simple.

Here are two quotes from Seth that express fully my desire to return to the simplicity of trust in the Divine and in the trust of my own natural relationship to life and all around me (content in [ ] is my addition):

“Now there are people who are quite involved with my ideas [insert religious or spiritual  guide of your choice] who do not know my name. There are people quite content with their lot and they do not know my name. They know themselves. They are aware of the vitality of their beings and they do not need me to tell them that they are important. The flowers and cats and trees don’t need me to tell them they are important either, and there are many people who do not need me for the same reason.

“These people recognize the vitality of their existence. They ignore the belief systems of their times. They are ancient children. They may not read philosophy, but they listen to the wind. They watch the behavior of the seasons… If you were satisfied with the nature of your existence, you would not be here. Those who are satisfied do not need my voice. They find sufficient reinforcement from the dawn and the twilight.” ~ Psychic Politics, Chapter 27.

Not certain if I would consider myself an ‘ancient child’ – though my innate Pollyanna approach to life might suggest this could, in fact, be the case – but it is certainly how I have always felt and, with the exception of the past twelve years of attempted change, this is what is natural to my inner being.

“My purpose is to remind you of your own being, to put you in touch with what you have been taught to forget. It is, shortly, spring – and stupid flowers will be growing all over the Earth! They do not need to go to gurus or psychiatrists or priests or teachers or me to say, ‘How will I manage to get one poor, puny leaf out?’ And you have within yourselves that same joyful knowledge.

“I [again, insert religious or spiritual  guide of your choice] am simply a touchstone for you, a point of energy and focus in the universe that reminds you of your own reality.” – Conversations with Seth, February 26, 1974.

It seems I have been attempting these past many years to teach myself to forget to know that which was an innate way of being. I want to return to being a ‘stupid flower‘.

This morning, I returned to the daily practice of quiet guided meditation – listening to the inner voice that ever so gently reveals pictures or actions or the names of individuals into my mind. If a name appears, I know to contact that person throughout my day today. If an action is sensed, then that is something I am wise to attend to – be it a walk, a trip to a mall (see my Celestine Prophecy post above for more on the mall :>) or maybe to consider taking that belly dancing class.  Occasionally, when I’m really in tune with Divine guidance, I might get an action shot – like a mini video in my head – of the unfolding of something that is occurring or that might occur throughout the day. When this happens, there is a sense that goes with it to direct me to some action or some inner knowing that will aide me to doing the ‘right’ thing – something guided that I have no control over yet have simply a role to play in the magical or divinely-wise unfolding of an event or situation.

I used to do this all the time! Today was the first day I have truly gone back to it with a willingness to be open to Divine guidance. It was initially less successful than I had hoped, probably because I was out of practice and my mind wandered here and there, and I think I fell asleep for a few moments. Yet I brought myself back to the exercise gently and without self-recrimination.

And I’m glad I did because I received two very clear messages – to write this post and to call the mother of a life-long friend. I’m writing this post and feeling good about it. The phone call will be made once this post has been published.

I do not need to know what benefit, if any, this post may be to one or more individuals … and it is not my purpose in writing it to know the end results … I just know I needed to share.

And I’m looking forward to the days, weeks and months ahead that will find me returning more and more to the joyous state of becoming the best ‘stupid flower‘ ever!

In Light and Laughter,


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