Global Giving

We've chosen not to have any advertising on our blog - okay, except Marcia's inspiring book!! - but we do support the idea of Global Giving.

Basically, what they do is match donors with nonprofit organizations around the world.

What do you have to give?

Artists Bill of Rights

Photo of the Month – Angel Wings

Hi Folks:

It’s been a challenge to select a Photo of the Month for March… partly because together we made over 1500 images in March (admittedly many are for composites), but also because, in addition to Victoria’s colourful beauty this time of year (with the explosions of blossoms all over [...]

Photo of the Month: February Flowers

Hi Folks:

Well, one of the (many) benefits of living on our Pacific island paradise is that spring comes earlier here than it does to the rest of Canada. As a promise of something yet to come for friends and relatives back east, in February we went out one day [...]

Getting Images Out of Lightroom

Hi Folks: This post also started life as a response to a question asked by a friend, and when it got to a couple of thousand characters I thought I should add some images and post it here.  This topic has been covered before by others and to some extent by us.  [...]

Uploading Phone/ Tablet Images to Lightroom

Hi Folks:

This post arose out of an answer I tapped out on my phone this morning in response to a question from another Twitter user.  When I got to 2800 characters I thought maybe I should post it here as well.  The question was, “What’s the easiest/simplest way to [...]

My Favourite Image of the Year

Hi Folks:

At the end of every year it’s become more and more common for photographers to go back through the images they made over that year and choose what they feel is their best work.  This can be an immensely challenging and yet creative project, because what one feels [...]

2014 Photo Calendars

Hi Folks:

This is the fourth year now that we’ve made our MS Word photo calendar templates available, and as with last year, we’ve also created a series of templates and calendar images you can use with Lightroom or other graphics software.  I created a template in MS Word that allows [...]

Correcting Portrait 'Shine' in Lightroom

Hi Folks:

I’m primarily a landscape photographer, and as such I don’t often shoot images of people. However, I’ve seen this question come up a few times and thought I’d take a minute or two to address it.

In any form of photography the best time to get [...]

Batch Processing in Lightroom

Hi Folks:

I wrote this out the other day in answer to a question on Twitter (thank you, Twitlonger!) and since my answer was over 3000 characters I thought I’d add it in here as well.

Batch processing in Lightroom can be done in a few different ways:


Making Sharp Images

Hi Folks:

I was out with a group of people on a photo walk the other day and one of those present – relatively new to digital photography – asked me what exposure settings to use for the location where we were standing. I [...]