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Photo of the Month - January

Hi Folks:

As we’re both writers as well as photographers, we’re including two images for January’s photo of the month post, along with poems inspired by them. Enjoy! Continue reading “Photo of the Month – January

Unique. And Perfect.

Hi Folks:

In all of the world you have one thing that no one else has ever had or will ever have: your story. No one in all of history will ever share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, ideas, fears, beliefs, dreams, joys, triumphs or loves. That makes you unique. If you look up unique in the dictionary it means, “one of a kind, unequaled, no basis for comparison.” You’re the only You that will ever be, and that makes you special. Now, in a world bent on expressing conformity it may seem to be non-conformist, radical, or even (dare I say it?) eccentric to be unique, but you Are. There’s nothing to be afraid of, nothing you can change anyway, and uniqueness leads to ever expanding diversity.

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My Favourite Image of the Year

Hi Folks:

Every year that we can we head to Government House on New Year’s Day for the Lieutenant Governor’s levée. It’s an opportunity for us to meet the present Lieutenant Governor and his/her spouse, listen to the opening speech, the bagpipe music, toast the piper, and partake in some coffee and good food. We also stroll the grounds and make photographs of the flowers already in bloom – that we dutifully send east to family – just as a reminder of what’s yet to come for the rest of the country. :-) Before heading out to wander the grounds, however, at some point we head to the balcony at the back of the house, look out over the grounds and the Juan de Fuca Strait beyond. It’s also my opportunity to make some images of Marcia, and without hesitation it’s my favourite image of the year.

Marcia on New Year's Day, 2016

Marcia on New Year’s Day, 2016

I know she looks beautiful here, but the image doesn’t really do her justice. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

From Marcia and me, we wish you a new year filled with as much happiness, health, prosperity, excitement, love, peace and adventure as you can handle!


P.S. Santa Claus brought us both new cell phone (cameras) this year.  Who knows where that may lead!

Photo of the Month - Winter Storm

Hi Folks:

At the end of the year the pull of the moon and the changing ocean currents combine to give us both winter storms and very high (and low) tides, known as King Tides. It’s a subject we’ve written about before, both in 2010 and in 2012. Every experience is different, and fortunately (unlike in 2010) I didn’t get swamped by a rogue wave this time.

The image below was made at Holland Point on December 12. The rocks that appear in the mid-frame are actually bedrock extrusions, and the one on the left stands about 12′ (~3.7m) above the surrounding seafloor. I went out at night on December 23 and not only could I walk out to this rock, I could almost walk around it. I’ve never seen the tide that low before.

Holland Point, King TidesOkay, that’s it. Now go out and make some photographs!!


Christmas Twinkles

Hi Folks:

This is Twinkles.


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Happy Holidays!

Hi Folks:

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Festivus, Solstice or Saturnalia, the arrival of Sinterklaas or Grandfather Frost, Hanukkah, Mawlid Un Nabi, Kwanzaa or something entirely personal, we send you love. Create an amazing 2016!!
2015 Christmas Card

Victoria's Public Menorah Lighting

Hi Folks:

The other night we were both pleased and privileged to attend Victoria’s public Menorah lighting at Centennial Square – the same place where we’d been a couple of weeks before to celebrate the annual Christmas tree lighting and Santa Claus parade.

Public Menorah Lighting

Victoria’s Public Menorah lighting (click the image to see the video)

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Photo of the Month - November

Hi Folks:

One of the (many) benefits of living in Victoria is that we generally have flowers in bloom all 12 months of the year. A favourite thing for us to do on New Year’s Day is to go to the Lieutenant Governor’s levée (reception) and then wander the grounds, making images of the flowers (images we dutifully send back east, to remind friends and family of what is coming for them). :-)

We’re not entirely without winter’s chill, however. Marcia made the following image of hoar frost on English ivy leaves one November morning on her commute through Beacon Hill Park.

Hoar Frost

Okay, that’s it! Go out and make some photographs!


“You Are Beautiful”

Hi Folks:

This is well worth sharing. Shea Glover, a student at The Chicago High School for the Arts, conducted a social experiment where she asked her fellow classmates and teachers if she could make photographs of them. What they didn’t know was that rather than shooting still images, she was recording their reactions to when she told them she was photographing people she found beautiful. The video is less than five minutes long, and worth it!

And remember, you are. Beautiful, that is.


Lightroom 1.4 for Android

Hi Folks:

When Lightroom Mobile (Apple only) was first introduced you needed a CC subscription to use it. Adobe eventually introduced Lr for Android, and with Lr Mobile 2.0 for iOS in October they dropped the requirement that you have a subscription. Lr 1.4 for Android was introduced today and it also has the same lifted restriction. If you have a CC account you can link your device and your Lr catalogue on your computer, but it’s not necessary.

Lr for Android 1.4 is available for free from the Google Play store so I downloaded it and tried it out. Continue reading “Lightroom 1.4 for Android