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Photo of the Month - June

Hi Folks:

June was a busy month for us (and images will show up here eventually!), but the highlight was seeing our younger son get married, in a quiet garden set in a beautiful landscape. The bride and groom were the center of the day, but I did manage to stop Grandy and grandsons (his nephews) for long enough to make this portrait with the cell phone.

Grandy and Grandsons

Grandy and Grandsons

She’s more beautiful in person; you’ll just have to take my word for it. Remember, if you can’t be with the one you love, hug the one you’re with!

Okay, that’s it for now. Go out and make some photographs!


P.S. Okay… one more. It was their day, after all!

Bride and Groom... and Nephews!

Bride and Groom… and Nephews!

International Free Hugs Day, 2015

Hi Folks: As you likely know, last Saturday (July 4) was a pretty special day. Not only is it our son’s birthday, but it was International Free Hugs Day! (the first Saturday in July every year). As we’ve done for the past six years, we took our Free Hugs posters downtown to the Homecoming Statue at Ship Point and shared hugs with an amazing group of people.

Marcia's Hugging Stance

Basic Hugging Attire – Poster, Sun Hat, Winning Smile…!

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The Earth is Singing

The other day I walked down to the ocean, stepped past the rocky shore and the water hid my sandals as the waves lapped playfully around me. I walked knee deep out to my island, where I’ve never been except at low tide, and had the ocean racing around and around the edges, flinging drops up playfully to tickle, to caress. I haven’t felt that alive in a long time.

And as I sat there, with all of the world behind me and only the ocean in view, she began to sing, just for me.

I realized that the old tales of Sirens being evil, luring men to their deaths on the rocks was wrong – that the sailors gave themselves to the water gladly, with full hearts, just to feel wrapped in that sound.


Holland Point Waves

Photo of the Month - May

Hi Folks:

We didn’t do a lot of shooting in May, but that can make it more difficult to choose one image from the selects that you have! Decided on this image from Marcia because it profiles one of Crystal Przybille’s ‘The Hands of Time‘ sculptures, commemorating Victoria’s 150th Anniversary in 2012. You can read more about the project here, and you can find a .pdf map of the locations of all 12 of the sculptures here.

The Hands of Time - Holding a Mirror

The Hands of Time – Holding a Mirror

Okay, that’s it! Now go out and make some photographs!




Negative Space as Subject

Hi Folks:

This is one of those posts that’s been percolating in the back of my head for a while… It’s not so much about making great art as it is about expanding your vision, learning to see in a new way.

Before we get started, we need to first define the term ‘negative space’. In visual arts like photography, drawing and painting, negative space is the space around the subject. In music negative space is the time between the beats. The question then is not whether or not one can make an image without a subject. Ansel Adams famously said,

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

so that’s not what we’re talking about here. On we go and I’ll try to explain. Continue reading “Negative Space as Subject

Free Hugs in Newark, Delaware

Too good not to share. Hug someone you love today. Or a stranger. Or, preferably, both!!

#HugACop in Newark, DE (click the image to see the video)

#HugACop in Newark, DE
(click the image to see the video)

Sending Hugs from Victoria to Newark, and to anyone else who wants one!!



Victorious Voices 2015

Hi Folks: This is the third of three posts on recent cultural events we attended here in Victoria… last (for now) but definitely not least! As we’ve written before, the range of activities available here continually amazes us. Last Saturday for example one could choose from:

  • Creatively United for the Planet Festival
  • Taking Poetry to the Streets Walk
  • Seed Exchange at the Central Library
  • Swan Lake/ Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary Annual Native Plant Sale
  • Astronomy Day at the Royal BC Museum
  • Weekend Market at Bastion Square and the Saturday Market at the Hudson Building

and those are only a few examples.

So, in that spirit… Continue reading “Victorious Voices 2015

GVPL Emerging Local Authors Book Launch

Hi Folks:

In an era where some people are questioning the continuing relevance of libraries as a whole, the Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL)’s answer to that question is a resounding Yes! To that end they’re expanding their connections to the community at large in several interesting ways.* Well, in what is sure to be hallmarked as The Social Event of the Season in Victoria, on the evening of April 10 we were led beyond the silk rope and behind closed doors to an exclusive, invitation-only event!
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Fashion Machine 2015

Hi Folks:

One of the (many) pleasures of living in Victoria for us is the incredibly broad range of activities available, sweeping across genres from natural to cultural. This is the first of three posts that (briefly) profile examples of what Victoria continually has on offer.

On March 28 and 29 the Royal BC Museum played host to The Makehouse and Theatre Skam in presentations of Fashion Machine 2015. The title itself doesn’t give much away, but if you’re imagining semi-organized mayhem involving talented children, the patient guidance of adults, brave volunteers, pins, needles, sewing machines and the ultimate sacrifice of clothing to fashion, you’d be pretty close! Continue reading “Fashion Machine 2015

Flash Exposure Compensation for Smart Phones

Hi Folks:

NB: There are a lot of different smart phones/ tablets on the market and a lot of different apps, and so depending on your hardware and software, this may or may not work for you.

When I was a boy we didn’t have radio signals for remote flash units and we didn’t have TTL (through the lens) automatic flash exposure compensation… we had manual flash, guide numbers and a lot of educated guessing. It seems to me it snowed a lot too, even in summer. Okay, never mind that. I do remember flash bulbs, flash strips for Polaroids and pocket cameras and flash cubes for Kodak X-15 cameras, but those days are pretty much behind us now. There’s no question that modern DSLRs and accessories can do amazing things in terms of lighting, but more and more people are using their cell phones to make pictures and more and more of those phones have a built-in flash unit. Continue reading “Flash Exposure Compensation for Smart Phones