Being Green – Virtually

Hi Folks:

Yes, it’s Saturday and I usually do my ‘Being Green‘ posts on Fridays, but we had family visiting and between you and me I’d rather run around with a 2-year old at the park than sit in front of a computer screen.  There, my secret is out, and I can expect my offical ‘geek’ status to be revoked.  Oh well…

So, last Thursday (August 5) was the ‘Global Green Expo‘, a virtual tradeshow that lasted roughly eight hours and featured virtual booths, webinars, speakers and more on the topics of being green, sustainability and corporate responsibility.  Before someone raises their virtual hand and exclaims that computers aren’t ‘green’ in and of themselves, yes, I’ll concede that point.  Computers, from their manufacturer to their use to their disposal as ‘e-waste’ pose their share of toxic challenges.  However, it’s also true that computers aren’t going away anytime soon, and more and more people are transiting from stationary desktop units to web-enabled cell phones and tablet computers; if nothing else, less material is used in their construction.  Anyway, I’m not here to debate that point.  Even people like Dr. David Suzuki have lamented that his job of raising awareness on environmental issues requires him to travel in airplanes and make use of the  television/radio/ internet airwaves, but it’s a cost he accepts. Continue Reading →

Marcia’s Meanderings – Co-Creative Partnering

Hello Dear Ones!

Today’s topic came to me as my niece was driving her family (including her two-year-old son) plus Mike and I to a touristy event up-Island. All five of us (and the car-seat) crammed into what really was a four-seater vehicle. Yet we made it there and back safely in addition to having a terrific outing!

Why the topic? In my understanding of the Law of Attraction and other such subtle spiritual sciences, each of us individually, plus all of us combined in that wee car, had co-created the experience and were living out the outcome of that co-creativity. The day was glorious!

Is this always the result of interactions with the people in our lives? You may likely be screaming out a “not on your life!” Even when we attempt to live this type of life daily, there are times – moments, hours, days – when the actions and reactions of others drive us to distraction! Continue Reading →

He Says, She Says… Letting Go

Hello, Dear Reader:

Mike received an e-mail from a friend yesterday with the following quote from Bashar:

“Healing is allowing, not making, not trying, not forcing: it is allowing. Just let go, relax the expectations. Relax the resistance and you automatically glide smoothly back to centre.”

If you’ve read our other blog posts recently you’ll know that we’ve both been uncovering and recovering from our own challenges.  With that in mind we thought we’d make the topic of this week’s ‘He Says, She Says…‘ post, “Letting Go“.


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