The Blue Feather

Hi Folks:

A number of years ago when I was going through a dark period in my life, it seemed like every time I went outside I’d find a feather on the ground, waiting for me, usually with 10-15 feet of whatever doorway I had just left. To me to it was a quiet nudge from the Universe, a sense of letting me know I was loved and cared for no matter what experience I was choosing in the moment.

Well, last week I was going through a very strange day and on my way home from the grocery store I found this Macaw feather lying on the ground by the sidewalk. Now, some people might have found that strange – it’s not moulting season, after all – but to me it was a reminder of that earlier time, and I smiled.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized it was a blue feather, and I thought, “Couldn’t they have just put up a sign that read, Don Shimoda was here?'”

Blue Feather


P.S. If you’re looking for a blue feather yourself, you might want to drop by our friend Kristen’s site: Blue Feather


New Beginnings… and Old Memories…

Hi Folks:

It’s now closing in on the end of January, so if you’re still maintaining your New Year’s resolutions, my congratulations to you!  It may be sheer coincidence that Remembrance Day and New Year’s Day fall so closely together on the calendar but our memories of the past and our dreams of the future always seem bound together.  It may be true that (as espoused by George Santayana), “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  It’s also true that much of how we see ourselves today is based on and built out of who we have believed ourselves to be and that person no longer exists.  It’s not just that your body is continuously refreshing itself – building new cells and removing old ones.  Our thoughts, ideas, understandings – in some ways the essence of who we are – is also different… unless of course we hang on tight to the past memories of who we used to be.  Memories can be pleasant or painful and there are varying degrees of both, but there’s one thing memories rarely are, and that’s an accurate recollection of the past as it happened.  My grandmother was a very wise woman with a Grade 5 education, and one of her sayings was, “No matter how thin the paper, there are two sides to every page.”  In some cases there are many more than two sides to an issue, more than two sides to a memory, but the point is made. Continue Reading →

This May Be Wrong

Hi Folks:

This post is based on two events from yesterday, but before I get to them I should provide a little history…

The last time I was in school was a little over twenty years ago, and one Sunday afternoon when I was studying I had a woman who was a representative of a local religious organization stop by my door.  She wanted to discuss her faith, and perhaps because I wanted to take a break from studying or perhaps because it was a sunny Sunday afternoon, I said, “Okay.”  So we stood and talked for about an hour and a half.  However, for everything that she offered from her system of beliefs, I countered with a different viewpoint from another Way.  She’d suggest something from the book she had with her, and I’d offer something to the effect of, “Yes, but the Buddhists believe…”  or “the Bible says…” or “in Taoist philosophy it is said…” or “in Native Spirituality they believe…” or, well, you get the idea.  We went back and forth like this as I said for about an hour and a half until finally I said, “I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t have all the answers; I’m still a student.”  Her response to this was, “Well, I’ve found mine.” but I countered that with, “No, you think you have; you’ve stopped looking.”  At that point she left. Continue Reading →

He Says, She Says… Letting Go

Hello, Dear Reader:

Mike received an e-mail from a friend yesterday with the following quote from Bashar:

“Healing is allowing, not making, not trying, not forcing: it is allowing. Just let go, relax the expectations. Relax the resistance and you automatically glide smoothly back to centre.”

If you’ve read our other blog posts recently you’ll know that we’ve both been uncovering and recovering from our own challenges.  With that in mind we thought we’d make the topic of this week’s ‘He Says, She Says…‘ post, “Letting Go“.


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