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Hello Dear Ones!

Today’s topic came to me as my niece was driving her family (including her two-year-old son) plus Mike and I to a touristy event up-Island. All five of us (and the car-seat) crammed into what really was a four-seater vehicle. Yet we made it there and back safely in addition to having a terrific outing!

Why the topic? In my understanding of the Law of Attraction and other such subtle spiritual sciences, each of us individually, plus all of us combined in that wee car, had co-created the experience and were living out the outcome of that co-creativity. The day was glorious!

Is this always the result of interactions with the people in our lives? You may likely be screaming out a “not on your life!” Even when we attempt to live this type of life daily, there are times – moments, hours, days – when the actions and reactions of others drive us to distraction!

As a wife, mother and grandmother there are close family members with whom I interact regularly. For most of us there are also co-workers, bosses, friends, bank tellers, clerks, strangers … the list goes on of people with whom we interact as our days unfold. We all co-create with each other in ways we can not begin to perceive, let alone to conceive of having created such scenarios – be they good or be they not so very pleasant.

Do you envision your life unfolding by default – in ways that you have no control over, you merely go with the flow of whatever befalls you? Or do you, like me, recognize that you have control over what you think, how you respond, what vibration you are putting out into the world – especially to the people in your little part of it?

Whether or not you believe you do have some control in your life’s unfolding, I delight in offering you the following quote:

Relative to our children or any [one] with whom we would interact, our one dominant intention would be to give them a conscious understanding of how powerful and important and valuable and perfect they are. Every word that would come out of our mouths would be a word that would be offered with the desire to help this individual know that they are powerful. It would be a word of empowerment. We would set the Tone for upliftment and understand that everything will gravitate to that Tone if we would maintain it consistently. ~ Abraham

(Excerpted from the workshop in Chicago, IL on Saturday, July 19th, 1997 #469)

I love that quote – particularly as a grandparent – knowing I have a way of interacting with my grandsons that can support, uplift and inspire them to the greatness of their own existence and growth. Such power in that …

The quote can so simply apply to everyone with whom we come in contact throughout our day – uplifting each and every soul we meet – even, maybe even especially, the ones who have been the greatest challenge to us. After all, as I see it, we chose to co-create that scenario for the benefit of each and every one of us involved in the altercation!

Here’s another inspiring quote on the same general theme:

From The Secret Daily Teachings (by Rhonda Byrne)

When you ask for happiness and a beautiful life, ask not just for you, but for everyone. When you ask for something better, ask not just for you, but for everyone. By all means ask for abundance and health for you, but also ask for it to be given to everyone.
Can you imagine what would happen if over six billion people asked for these things for you?

And here is one more quote that exemplifies the type of life I strive to live – for myself and for all I encounter in my day:

Child of mine [or partner, or friend or boss or…], I will never do for you that which I know you can do for yourself. I will never rob you of an opportunity to show yourself your ability and talent. I will see you at all times as the capable, effective, powerful creator that you’ve come forth to be. And I will stand back as your most avid cheer-leading section. But I will not do for you that which you have intended to do for yourself. Anything you need from me, ask. I’m always here to compliment or assist. I am here to encourage your growth, not to justify my experience through you.  ~ Abraham

(Excerpted from the workshop in Seattle, WA on Sunday, July 4th, 1999 #453)

If each of us in this world were ready, willing and able to offer the best that is in us and to accept and encourage the best within everyone else – knowing that we can all achieve and create what we want in life, individually and together – then what a magical world this could be! Co-creative partnering at its peak of perfection!

In Light and Laughter,


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