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Serendipity is a word that defines what some call a ‘happy accident’ or an unexpected and fortunate discovery.  It’s an onomatopoeic word, and has a lovely sound to it. It’s right up there with some of our other favourite ‘S’ words, like spontaneity and synchronicity.

Serendipity is also the title of a 2001 movie, a romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.  It was on TV again recently and remains one of our ‘love to watch’ movies.

If you haven’t seen it we don’t want to spoil it for you, so we’ll put a ‘Spoiler Alert!‘ in here.  If you’d rather not know, skip down a couple of paragraphs.

Basically the movie is about two people who meet in a moment of serendipiosity as John Cusack’s character put it, spent a few hours together, and then drifted apart.  Years go by and both ‘Sarah’ and ‘Johnathan’ are involved with different people, but something in each of them gets them to wondering about this other person from years before.  Most of the movie is based around ‘Johnathan’ trying to track down and find ‘Sarah’, and he’s not shy about roping his best friend ‘Dean’ (played by Jeremy Piven) into helping him.  At one point ‘Dean’ calls ‘Johnathan’ a jackass, partly because he’s being so stubborn about his search, and partly simply because of the amount of effort he’s put into finding this woman and rediscovering if there’s a future there.  At one point ‘Dean’ mentions that he and his partner, ‘Courtney’ broke up because neither of them were willing to put the time and effort into keeping the spark of their relationship alive.  ‘Sara’ and ‘Johnathan’ find each other in the end, and ‘Dean’ decides to try being a jackass, to resurrect his relationship with ‘Courtney’.  The movie is well done, and the way it’s filmed there are several dozen serendipitous moments scattered throughout the film, but in the end it’s a movie and the characters are playing roles set out for them and following a script that someone has written.  It could never happen in real life… could it?

Here we get to the heart of this week’s ‘He Says, She Says…’ post.  We first met back in February of 1993.  Last Friday, March 26, was our 89th Monthaversary of being married.  We love each other, but it’s more than that – we’re still ‘in love’ with each other.   We celebrate every day we have together, every moment.  How do we keep the magic alive, day after day, year after year?  That’s the question we’re going to answer.

Have a great week!


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