Villa Marco Polo Inn

Hi Folks:

Last Sunday night Marcia and I had the pleasure and the privilege of staying at the Villa Marco Polo Inn here in Victoria, giving us an opportunity to be tourists in our own town.  Before I get to that, our being there is a story in itself.

One of the e-mails that arrives in my Inbox every week is from Mindi & Dave Pettitt and the rest of the crew at Basically it’s a weekly newsletter that let’s us know what’s happening in and around Victoria, and it also includes information on events for the rest of the island as well.  Now, last December I noticed an article asking for a photograph and a story to do with Christmas, as a way of celebrating the holiday season.  Being a storyteller at heart I grabbed one of my Christmas images out of Lightroom, added a story, and sent it off.  Several days later we received a phone call from the folks at Tourism Victoria informing me that I had won one of the daily prizes in their ‘Christmas is Here‘ contest.  Among the prizes was a carriage tour, annual passes for the Royal BC Museum, and a stay at the Villa Marco Polo Inn. Continue Reading →