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6 comments to Lightroom, File Management and Metadata

  • johnsrichards

    Are there any differences in how Lightroom stores metadata in .PNG files vs. the other file types you listed .TIF, .PSD, .LPG & DNG?

    • Hi John: The simple answer is that Lightroom doesn't work with .PNG files. You can use them for a watermark or a graphic identity plate, but since Lightroom is for digital images and no camera creates .png files, you can't import them into a Lightroom catalog. That's one of the differences between the Lightroom catalog and something like Adobe Bridge, which is essentially a file browser.


  • nedkk

    Great information here Mike. Thank you.

  • TheGirlFromEye

    hi Mike, great explanation, thank you, only one question, you say;

    "You can also instruct Lightroom to output that metadata information (including copyright info, keywords, etc. as well as the history steps) to the image metadata (the sidecar file in the case of raw files). You can either set Lightroom to do this automatically…"

    how I do I change this setting to do so automatically?
    cheers, Luke

    • Hi Luke, and thanks for dropping by our little corner of the \’net! If you go to Edit/Catalog Settings (Win) or Lightroom/Catalog Settings (Mac), on the Metadata tab there\’s an option to \’Autowrite Changes to .XMP\’ Check that box.


      Now that you’ve pointed it out, I’ll update the post with that information!

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