Lightroom, Geolocation and .GPX files

UPDATE: December 12, 2018:

As of November 30, if you have any version of Lr older than Lr 8 CC, the Maps module will no longer work. As I understand it, Google updated their API key and Adobe had already claimed it would no longer support older versions. So, if you’re renting Lr via subscription, run the updater and it should be all good. If you have a standalone version of Lr, all is not lost. Jeffrey Friedl has a plugin for Lr that enables geolocation support and is much more powerful than the Lr Map module was anyway. More here:

Jeffrey’s “Geoencoding Support” Plugin for Lightroom


Hi Folks:

Welcome to our first blog post about Lightroom 4! (LR 4 Beta at this point).  A number of tutorials and videos are already available about the new features of LR 4; you can find several of them on our ‘Lightroom Links‘ page.  One of the new features in Lightroom 4 is the ‘Map’ module, and if your computer is connected to the internet the Map module will connect with Google Earth, read each image’s metadata and overlay a map of the earth (or portion thereof) with the location where your images were made.  It’s not a feature I’ll likely use much, but I can see its use in certain applications. Continue Reading →

“Years”, by Bartholomäus Traubeck

Hi Folks:

I sent this out to a number of people by e-mail yesterday; thought I’d share it here as well…


Follow this link and play the video, but listen first, without looking at the video or trying to interpret what you hear:


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Red Flags

Hi Folks:

If you were among those who have visited our blog in the past few days, you will have found that it was ‘red flagged’  for distributing ‘malware’.  Rather than attempting to rail against the folks at Google for marking our site ‘unsafe’, we should instead be grateful that such action alerted us to the code that had been installed on our blog.  There is a saying in the corporate world that there are two kinds of companies – those who know they have been hacked and those who don’t.  However, when it comes to a site where one invests as much of one’s self as Marcia and I do here, having someone hack into it is equivalent to having someone break into one’s home.  There is a certain senselessness to it.  It may be more benign to talk of ‘spamming robots’ as autonomic devices, but the truth is that there is a person behind all such actions.  We can’t begin to understand their motivations, but we can imagine that it stems from a search for ‘power’ based on a perceived feeling of inadequacy.  Our wish is for that person to come to see and celebrate his/ her own magnificence instead.

So, Dear Reader, if you’ve come by our blog recently and been put off by the ‘red flag’ status, we apologize.  It’s not the first time this has happened, and may or may not be the last.  We trust you’ve found something of benefit here, and we invite you to return.  And to whomever has been adding malicious code to our site, we offer you only love.  May you come to see yourself as we do – a truly wonderful Being!  We don’t invite or encourage such attacks, but we don’t do much to defend against them either.  Doing so only escalates the feelings of negativity, and there is already far too much of that in the world.  We wish you peace.

Marcia and Mike.

P.S. Special thanks to our son Nick for all you do every day to keep our site running so beautifully!

Marcia’s Meanderings ~ Most Definitely!

Hello Dear Ones!

In a world where possibility and probability have become buzz words, where potential is highly praised yet expectation remains in question, where receiving product just on time rather than ahead of schedule is the norm ~ wouldn’t it be delicious to make room for: Most Definitely! Why Certainly! Absolutely!

Rather than building in contingencies for problems, limitations, setbacks and just-in-case scenarios ~ resulting in a greater probability of encountering them by the very matching of that same energy ~ how be we grow, develop and come to expect the very best of everyone, the power of teamwork, and the perfection of an idea, a dream ~ and live into its fulfillment by choice and by design!

In Light and Laughter,


Photo of the Month – January

Hi Folks:

Well, my first photo of the month post for 2012, and also my first image posted here that was processed with Lightroom 4 Beta.  Marcia and I were ‘up island’ briefly in Campbell River this past month, and took the opportunity to go for a short walk along the shore at Willow Point.  The tide was out and some of the rocks that were revealed were incredible.  I liked this one in particular.  This is an HDR image, 3 exposures at -1/0/+1, shot hand-held and joined together with Autopano Pro then finished off in Lightroom.  I trust you like it!!

Rocky Shore

Now go out and make some photographs!