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Using the LR/Enfuse plugin for Lightroom

Hi Folks:

There was a question on Twitter today asking people about their favourite Lightroom plugin. While I have a few that I use (including Jeffrey Friedl’s export plugin for Flickr), one of the plugins I use the most is the LR/Enfuse plugin from Timothy Armes. In essence the LR/Enfuse plugin […]

Photographing Moving Water: Another Look...

Hi Folks:

I’ve written two other blog posts on using digital techniques to mimic using a slow shutter speed when photographing moving water. They are:

Photographing Moving Water & Photographing Moving Water Revisited

If you want to go and have a look at them, I’ll wait…


Photographing Moving Water - Revisited

Hi Folks:

Last month I did a blog post on a technique I’ve been playing with for ‘Photographing Moving Water‘. I’m not going to reiterate that technique here so if you’d like to read that other post first, I’ll wait…

…welcome back!

Now, I’ve used this idea […]

Photographing Moving Water

Hi Folks:

As a landscape photographer, I’ve always been captivated by images of moving water. By varying the shutter speed one can create many different effects. A very high shutter speed can ‘freeze’ the moment…