It’s Pumpkin Time!

Hi Folks: Last year we did our Food post on pumpkins (A Plethora of Pumpkins) after Hallowe’en but we thought maybe this year we could be proactive.  With Thanksgiving recently behind us, what better time to talk about pumpkins?  In last year’s post we offered up some of our favourite Continue Reading →

A Plethora of Pumpkins…

Hi Folks: Since Canadian Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en have come and gone and American Thanksgiving is just around the corner, this time of year there are a plethora of pumpkins about.  Most often used to make Jack-O’-Lanterns and then either left to rot or offered up in tribute in some form Continue Reading →

Eating Our Way Through Victoria… Pumpkin Time!

Hello Dear Reader! Well, we’ve had a few culinary adventures to share with you this month. Before we get to that, however, earlier this month Marcia went out to dinner with the folks she works with at a restaurant downtown.  She ordered the equivalent salad to the one we’d shared Continue Reading →

Happy Hallowe’en!!

Never before have we seen a lighted, inflatable Yoda holding a Boo! bucket (at Bridgeman’s West Coast Eatery, in Port Renfrew, BC). Our lives are now complete. 🎃 Hugs, M&M P.S. In years past we’ve shared different pumpkin recipes for post-Hallowe’en enjoyment. We sadly don’t have any new recipes to Continue Reading →

Happy Pi Day!!

Hi Folks: It’s that time of the year (3-14) where we get to celebrate all things irrational, and so as we’ve done for several years now we thought we’d add a recipe or two. Mike’s Auntie Dona – at various stages in her life – ran a bakery, a restaurant, Continue Reading →

Eating Our Way Through Victoria – Breakfast Out

Hi Folks: In Marcia’s family the favourite meal to eat-out has always been breakfast. On the road? Get up early, take on a few miles (or kilometres), then pull over and have a hearty meal. Victoria is blessed with many fine restaurants that are open for breakfast, and today we Continue Reading →

Happy Pi Day!!

Hi Folks: It’s Pi Day! (3.14), so in honour of that most famous of all mathematical constants we thought we’d do something completely irrational and post a couple of recipes.  Pi(e) recipes, of course.  And a story or two. There weren’t a lot of male cooks around in the circles Continue Reading →

She Says – The Masks We Wear

Hello Dear Ones! Hallowe’en costumes and appropriate masks have been ghoulishly and delightfully impressing us wherever we have gone today. In fact they have been quite noticeable all weekend long. Most teens had their parties last night if yesterday’s bus-traveling crowd was an accurate indication. Retail folk and coffee shop Continue Reading →

Photo of the Month – Triptychs and Lightroom

Hi Folks: It’s Hallowe’en, but I don’t have any really good pumpkin images to share this month…  In going through my images for this past month I was drawn to an image I made of an old bicycle down in the Rockland area of Victoria, in part because it reminded Continue Reading →

Poetry Corner – Poetry as Play

Hello Dear Ones! Been doing some research on poetry to add to the scope of this post from your perspective – as a reader. My goodness, the number of poets who come into this medium with a heavy heart is dis-heartening. Thought to lighten things up for you a bit Continue Reading →