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In Marcia’s family the favourite meal to eat-out has always been breakfast. On the road? Get up early, take on a few miles (or kilometres), then pull over and have a hearty meal.

Victoria is blessed with many fine restaurants that are open for breakfast, and today we thought we’d profile two of them. We only write about restaurants we like because if we’d had a bad experience somewhere it may have been the chef’s day off, the server was having a bad day or something else, but a good meal, shared, is something to treasure.

Without further ado… 🙂

1) The Blue Fox Café

The Blue Fox Café – on Fort Street in Victoria’s downtown area – advertises “Breakfast All Day In a Big Way!” It took us a while to get there because in our experience the Blue Fox is almost always busy. On a sunny weekend morning in the summer there can be line-ups down the street. They do take reservations, but with some provisos. More information is available on their site. We went there on a (relatively) quiet weekday morning and there were only a few people ahead of us. The atmosphere was upbeat and lively, and the restaurant has a wonderful retro chic that combines brick walls and wood floors with bold southwest colours. There is (of course) a painting of a blue fox on the wall! The servers were outgoing and friendly, and both prompt and efficient despite the crowded room. The food is fresh and local and the coffee is delicious, fair trade and organic. Marcia ordered the Breakfast Salad, which consists of fresh cut fruit, 2% plain yogurt and house-baked cranberry, pumpkin seed & almond granola. Mike opted for the Fox’s Grill: 3 large local eggs, 3 slices of smoked bacon, 2 locally made pure pork savoury sausages, seasoned pan-fried potatoes, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, hot buttered toast & fresh fruit jam. Both were delicious!! Yes, it’s worth the wait, although there have been times we’ve passed the cafe and actually seen an empty table or two… we’re sure the servers appreciate the break now and again.

2) Nourish Kitchen and Café

Located on Quebec Street in Victoria’s James Bay neighbourhood, Nourish Kitchen and Café is a short walk from Victoria’s Legislature and Inner Harbour area. Quite a contrast to the Blue Fox Café: where the former is bold and brassy, Nourish Kitchen and Café offers a quiet, understated elegance. We walked through the door and immediately felt enveloped by the peace. It was lovely, from the leafy wallpaper on the walls to the herb-infused water carafes on the tables. The menus are cleverly hidden in the backs of hardcover classic books. Here Marcia went for her old favourite of bacon and eggs, but this time served with a twist. Here the eggs and bacon were served with endive, rutabaga & pickled shallot salad, buckwheat seed bread, fruit compote & butter. Mike chose the Benny in the Moment, and whereas traditional Eggs Benedict are served on an English muffin, here they were served on a bed of veggies instead: kale, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, radish, & cashew harissa hollandaise sauce. A treat to be sure, and we’ve been inspired to make poached eggs on veggies at our place ever since. Marcia had to try the Canadiano coffee (an Americano with a shot of maple syrup) and Mike opted for the Silk Road Imperial Earl Grey tea. We were also treated to a sample of their house-made kefir water, which was delicious. For those on the go Nourish also has a takeout counter where one can order anything from the menu, gluten-free snacks and/or house-made chicken or beef bone broth. For those who are visiting the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific in Saanich, Nourish has a sister restaurant on site called Charlotte and the Quail.

As we mentioned at the top, Victoria has many amazing restaurants. Floyd’s Diner has been a long-time breakfast favourite as has Cora’s, and we’ve yet to make it to John’s Place for breakfast. Ditto Jam Café, Mo:Lé… So many restaurants, so little time. We heartily recommend adding The Blue Fox and Nourish Kitchen to your must try list!



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