The Many Faces of Lightroom Presets: Slideshow, Print and Web Modules

Hi Folks:

This is part 4 of a 5-part series on Lightroom presets. The segments are:

Slideshow/Print/Web Modules

The Slideshow, Print and Web modules all use presets in a similar manner, although the outputs of each are quite different. In these modules the presets are called Templates, and in each module Lightroom ships with a certain set of standard templates. One can also create user templates based on the sliders in the right panel, and/or download presets online. Templates for each module are available for free and in some cases for sale. In each module one can also create a ‘Saved’ output – i.e. a Saved Slideshow, a Saved Print or a Saved Web Gallery, and in doing so Lightroom will create a speciall Collection that combines the settings for that output module with the image(s) associated with it. As with the Book module, these Collections are merely collections of images and more can be added or images removed.

Slideshow Module

This is a simple slideshow that displays the image and the EXIF information related to that image.

Print Module

This is a sample 8×10 print (of one of my favourite subjects) with a small border. NB: When creating a Saved Print Lightroom will combine the image(s) laid out, the template, watermark, identity plate and other information from the right panel as well as the printer and paper selected for that print.

Web Gallery

Lightroom ships with sample HTML and Flash Web Gallery templates, and others are available for download from various sites.

We’ll move on to the Export module next…


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