The Many Faces of Lightroom Presets: Map and Book Modules

UPDATE: December 12, 2018:

As of November 30, if you have any version of Lr older than Lr 8 CC, the Maps module will no longer work. As I understand it, Google updated their API key and Adobe had already claimed it would no longer support older versions. So, if you’re renting Lr via subscription, run the updater and it should be all good. If you have a standalone version of Lr, all is not lost. Jeffrey Friedl has a plugin for Lr that enables geolocation support and is much more powerful than the Lr Map module was anyway. More here:

Jeffrey’s “Geoencoding Support” Plugin for Lightroom


Hi Folks:

This is part 3 of a 5-part series on Lightroom presets.  The segments are:

Map Module

The Map module doesn’t use presets in the way that the previous modules have, but there is one facility for presets in the Map module called ‘Saved Locations’. If you’re familiar with the Map module (if you’re not, you may want to read our Lightroom, Geolocation and .GPX files post) you know that there are several ways to add geolocation data to your images and associate them with Lightroom. One of these is to select known areas and to mark them as ‘Saved Locations’.

Map Module - Saved Locations

This image for example shows a local area that is a favourite of mine, a park known as Christmas Hill. No matter where in the world the Map module is displaying when opened, if I wanted to navigate to Christmas Hill I only need to click on that location. If I had selected ‘All Images’ in the Library module before moving to the Map module, it would list the number of geolocated images I’ve made in Christmas Hill and show their locations. As it is, Lightroom is displaying that none of the images in the currently selected folder have geolocation data associated with that location. Another advantage of using Saved Locations is that one can designate an area as ‘Private’. What that means is that when exporting images from Lightroom, any geolocation information attached to images in ‘Private’ locations will be stripped prior to export. You may wish to make your home a Private location for example, or a favourite secret fishing hole, or…. the choice is yours.

Book Module

Book Collections

Somewhat similar to Saved Locations, in the Book module one can create Saved Books. When you create a Saved Book, Lightroom will not only remember the cover style, size and layout of the book, it will also create a ‘Book Collection’ – a Collection containing the images selected for inclusion in the current book. This is not a ‘Smart Collection’ (a collection based on certain filter criteria), but simply a collection of images; one can add to the collection by simply dragging more images into it. The pointer here shows two Book Collections. One is a picture book on dragons we made for our grandchildren, and the other is a collaboration of poetry and images Marcia made as a Christmas gift for family.

We’ll move on to the Slideshow, Print and Web modules next…


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    1. wolfnowl Post author

      You\’re most welcome! Although Adobe has a relationship with Blurb, you can create a book and then export it as a .pdf or even create a .jpg file. We created a .pdf e-book for our grandkids and then used screen capture software to \’read\’ it to them! Also, while LR has a number of built-in preset pages, if you search online there are others available. One site I know created several A4-sized templates.

      Thanks for dropping by our little corner of the \’net!


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