The Many Faces of Lightroom Presets: Map and Book Modules

UPDATE: December 12, 2018:

As of November 30, if you have any version of Lr older than Lr 8 CC, the Maps module will no longer work. As I understand it, Google updated their API key and Adobe had already claimed it would no longer support older versions. So, if you’re renting Lr via subscription, run the updater and it should be all good. If you have a standalone version of Lr, all is not lost. Jeffrey Friedl has a plugin for Lr that enables geolocation support and is much more powerful than the Lr Map module was anyway. More here:

Jeffrey’s “Geoencoding Support” Plugin for Lightroom


Hi Folks:

This is part 3 of a 5-part series on Lightroom presets.  The segments are:

Map Module

The Map module doesn’t use presets in the way that the previous modules have, but there is one facility for presets in the Map module called ‘Saved Locations’. If you’re familiar with the Map module (if you’re not, you may want to read our Lightroom, Geolocation and .GPX files post) you know that there are several ways to add geolocation data to your images and associate them with Lightroom. One of these is to select known areas and to mark them as ‘Saved Locations’. Continue Reading →