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Hello Dear Ones!

The past few days have been a mixed blend of fabulous moments and reminders to myself that every moment can be fabulous if I choose it to be so.

Even the above statement is less a story I would want to tell others than one that would inspire either of us – you or myself! So rather than a new post on a less than relevant topic, I thought to include here a previous post that truly uplifted me when I wrote it, and then did the same today as I reread it … because I needed it! Here it is … my original take on our He Says/She Says topic The Stories I Tell Myself (copied here for your convenience):

There are stories I continuously tell myself about my life and my existence. Ah, so many of them are wonderful! Mike is with me once again and our life together is blossoming in ways we never thought it would or even could! I’ve realized the dream of becoming a novelist! The publication of my book is now a visible reality and within the scope of becoming manifested here on the physical plane. Neither Mike nor I are working and making money in the traditional sense of the concept, and yet we are being cared for financially as we step with excitement and passion into our future.

These are, of course, the amazing and creative aspects of life that we are delighted beyond measure to be living. They are stories that we hold to be true and because … we are telling this story, God, the Universe, All That Is is backing us up – the stories have become, and are, real.

However, there are other stories I’ve been telling myself that the Universe is also backing me up on and allowing them too, to become real. These are ones I would prefer not to be experiencing. Yet because I continue to tell these stories and to believe in their existence, the Universe continues to support me by backing me up and making more of them happen. The Universe has no preference and does not differentiate between good stories and bad stories. It does not say to me – “Um, Marcia? I don’t think you want to think those negative thoughts and tell those ‘less than lovely’ stories because you won’t like the outcome.” No, the Universe listens to all I have to say and all I choose, in this moment, to believe. Accepting even those negative stories, those beliefs, the Universe draws those less than happy experiences into my life. Good or bad, positive or negative – none of that matters to the Universe. It is all based on my thought processes.

So when I’m thinking of my re-established relationship with my husband, my vibrational energy revs to the max and I am happy. Being happy in the deepest, truest sense of the word emits a specific and noticeable vibration to the Universe. The Universe says – “Okay, Marcia is happy, she wants more happiness.” More happiness comes my way!

When I think about my mornings now, I get excited and passionate. The fact that I choose to get up without an alarm clock is pleasing to me. Starting my day with freshly ground, brewed coffee and cut up pieces of apple, or a pear, or maybe some medjool dates to savour while I sip at my beverage also pleases me. Knowing I am free to go to my computer to work, instead of to an office, and that I get to sit next to my husband at the same desk and at the same time while we both write, and while I rewrite and edit my own works so that they will be published … fills me with immense passion and the highest of excitement!

And the Universe matches these high vibrational emotions with more, and other, situations that bring additional uplifting experiences. When I choose to live my life with amazement and gratitude and joy, the Universe pairs me up with more of the same!

Yet, is my life perfect? No, it is not. And I know the simple and honest truth as to why my life is not perfect. I hold to some pretty solid core beliefs that limit the vibrational highs. These beliefs hold negative concepts and emotions so raw and so close to my body that they have become manifest in my life in the form of actual tangible expressions of physical form – DIS-ease. Thinking of them can bring my ecstatically high vibrations crashing down around my ankles. And when my emotions are that low, the Universe also says – “Ah, Marcia is thinking of these beliefs, these stories. So it shall be that other similarly vibrating experiences shall arise in her life at her own request.” And so situations and events come to me that are less than pleasing to me.

Here is a for instance: My emotional high and thoughts of abundance dance in my head and my heart and I find a $20 bill on the sidewalk. I pick it up and delight in its arrival into my life, expressing appreciations for its creation and timing. Yet just before I bend down to pick up the bill, I think of the headache that has been plaguing me for weeks. My head starts to pound. Instantly a belief pops into my level of consciousness – ever so briefly and maybe not even more than a nanosecond – I wonder if this may be something tied in to what the doctor told me recently about my health. Might I need to be concerned about this? Ya, you guessed it – CRASH! The vibrations of high resonation at the finding of the expression of abundance in my life – that $20 bill – come crashing down around my ankles at thoughts that my headache might be something more serious than a mere headache. When I stand up excitedly holding the gift of abundance the Universe has brought my way, so too do I experience the pain of a pounding headache that stays with me for the rest of the day.

Do you follow the logic here?

How many of us live our lives as though we were bi-polar? Most of us do, if we’re truly honest with ourselves. This is normal human socialized behaviour! Sad, but true. We’re often up one moment and down the next. What happens around us influences how we choose to feel in any given situation or experience.  We’re happy when life around us flows smoothly and easily. We’re sad or down or angry or fearful when the situations we see around us tell us we should feel that way. What I am learning about the reality of my life experience is that it doesn’t have to be so.

I can choose to be affected by the negative reciting of the evening news and go to bed – to sleep upon thoughts of world wars and hunger and a deepening recession. I can also choose to spend the evening listening to beautiful music, reading an uplifting book or sharing the joys of the days’ unfolding with my husband – to fall asleep happily and to dream of wonderful things. Which would you choose to experience in your life?

Some would call me a Pollyanna. I proudly say I am – or at least I like to think of myself in that fashion. Did you ever see that movie – Pollyanna, with Hayley Mills? This young girl lived her life seeing the best in everything and everybody. She had a tough life, but told herself stories of how this person or that person or this experience could truly be. And by the time she had interacted with that individual over time, it came to be true. Everyone whose life she touched was uplifted.

Now that is how I would choose, and do choose, to live my life!


Yet what are the challenges and the stories I continuously tell myself that bring my energies down? Well, there are several prime topics – or core beliefs I could share with you …

… And here I wrote out all my griefs and beefs. And did I ever feel awful after I did! Now if I had left them here on the page, and you had read them too, you’d be feeling awful as well – within yourself, and likely for me too! Why would I do that to you? Would I be offering you the most uplifting experience you could have? Would I be doing all that I could to support you in your desire, and your deserving, to feel wonderful in the moment? Not if I’d left those downer thoughts on this page, I wouldn’t have! So I hit the delete button instead – for your benefit and mine!

Yet I would ask – how do I change my story to one that is plausible? How do I tell myself that all is well in my life when what I see around me should prove totally to the contrary? How do I keep fear at bay? How do I change the core beliefs that should have me frozen into immobility or agitated enough to go into the night screaming at the world for my lot in life?

Abraham would suggest I start telling a different story. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Change my story. If I have to share a story at all – be it with you or with my own self – start simply and make it different. Tell a different tale.

Tell a different tale. Share all the good things that happen every day of my life. Share the joys, the successes. Talk about the magic and the marvel. Express the happiness factor out to all I encounter. Remove all negatives from my dialogue – be it in my own mind and thoughts, or shared with others verbally, or written. Remove negatives that might reach in to touch me – from the internet, television, phone calls, books I choose to read, places I choose to go, people with whom I choose to interact. Does it seem odd or extreme to you?

Maya Angelou appeared on one of Oprah Winfrey’s shows talking about a party she held in her home. Maya asked all guests to respect her, her home and surroundings, and themselves, by engaging in only positive thoughts and actions during their visit. One of the invitees began to chat up the other guests in a monologue of negative proportions. Maya boldly went over and ushered him out the door. No second chances.

How many of us, in that situation, would have had the courage to hold to our beliefs and to honour ourselves and our guests in such a fashion? I’m guessing not many of us.

Sad, isn’t it? Yet, like that man, so many of us live from drama to drama. In a rather twisted way it makes our rather quiet and boring lives exciting somehow.

Tell a different tale. Change the story. Talk of joy and wonder and love. Laugh at the simple things in life. Express gratitude for the bird that woke us up this morning, for the child we heard giggling next door that had us smiling, for the coffee maker that brewed that morning java for us. Show appreciation to the co-worker who had us angry … for something they said, but that got us so charged up that we were successful at finding the solution we both needed in order to resolve a sticky issue. Share all positives. Look for and find the joys in life and chat them up with anyone and everyone we meet. Listen also to their happy tales and stories. Nurture their stories as well as our own. Walk away from or, like Maya Angelou, remove negative influences from our life.

Am I asking too much? Do you see this as an impossible dream? If it is, maybe you are not ready to be truly and deeply happy. Is living in your drama still of importance to you, feeding you in ways you have yet to understand? I was there once. Yet daily I choose to live the dream and to tell a different tale – to uplift myself and those around me. It is, for me, a worthy goal toward which I continue to strive. I’m successful a good portion of the time. Yet I’d be less than honest if I didn’t acknowledge that there is still ample room for more growth in this area.

Oh, that we could be more like the children. They know how to tell a story. What’s more they know how to live a story in every adventure of their day! A recent quote from ‘Thoughts Become Things’ by author Mike Dooley:

“The thing that’s totally different between children and adults is that children have the ability to spontaneously use their imagination to forget what’s bothering them and to be inspired by every pony, feather, or bug that crosses their path.”

So if you should call me a child, say I am childish, or refer to me as a Pollyanna, I would take that as the highest of compliments and be grateful to you for it!

Create an amazing week for yourself … one filled to overflowing with the most incredibly wonderful stories!

Then, if you dare, write to let me know how these stories truly begin to unfold in your life!

In Light and Laughter,


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