Poetry ‘n’ Pics IV

Greetings Dear Ones!

Lots of poetry to share with you today and I’ve decided to include two apophysis pics for you as well!

// slipping softly in / through open window flowing / o’er the bed ~ a breeze //     (haiku)

***//aspen leaves rustle / in tree tops / played by the hand of the wind / like Mama Cass’s tambourine / in full swing//
*****************(tanka, gogyohka)

******// child skips through gardens / laughter bubbles forth with glee / mimics waterfall //     (haiku)

*********// heron cautious stands / patient its intent to fish / still life on canvas //     (haiku)

// ducklings furry swim / braving waters yet unknown / mother within view //     (haiku)

***// wind / blows in change / direction and strength / defines / message //     (gogyohka)

******// happy be the child / within the adult seated / in wheelchair dreaming //     (senryu)

*********// deep greens of summer / depth of colour signifies / maturity’s peak //     (haiku)

// ever be the joy / playful abandon expressed / adult jumping rope //     (haiku, senryu)

***// trees bent with sadness / bearing the weight of raindrops / like tears of great pain //     (haiku, senryu)

******// warmed by summer winds / words melt the cold heart of time / to reveal lost youth //     (haiku, senryu)

*********// happy be the tales / the stories I tell myself / to keep me amused //     (senryu)

// summer scents / reveal memories / dug up / like shoveled sand / into castles //     (tanka, gogyohka)

***// the art / of wind / and leaves / expressed / as play //     (gogyohka)

******// small sparrows hidden / by the dozens in the leaves / of one single tree //     (haiku)

*********// expressions of love / as varied in form and face / as stars in night sky //     (haiku)

// filling night with love / sisters talk into wee hours / chit chat and giggles //     (haiku)

***// beauty of a soul / radiates beyond form with / ethereal glow //     (haiku, senryu)

******// beauteous / lace weave / delicately stitched / like your kisses / round my heart //     (gogyohka)

*********// step to the music / dance to the beat of your heart’s / rhythmic orchestra //     (haiku)

// inspiration flows / around brain cells like river / water over stones //     (haiku, senryu)

***// the hand aged and tanned / reaches out to touch the bud / both are delicate //     (haiku)

******// revealed like road signs / journeys of joy and challenge / her face ~ map of life //     (senryu)

What if
I sing
a song for you
to lull you
off to sleep?

I write
a verse for you
a poem
you can keep.

I’ll paint
a scene for you
of trees
of grass and sheep.

I’ll touch
your gentle heart
with love
that’s ever deep.

That’s all for this week, Dear Ones! Enjoy the rest of your day and be sure to create amazing days ahead … after all, you are worth it!

In Light and Laughter,


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