Hello in There

Hi Folks:

Last Friday Marcia and I were at the Cornerstone Café for their ‘Open Stage’ night, and it was wonderful to see this continuing parade of people get up in front of the microphone – this person singing and picking a guitar, this person doing some very loving slam poetry, the next person reading what they’ve written, and so on.  And sitting there in the audience, it occurred to me that if you saw these people on the street or in the elevator you’d never know that she loves opera or that he’s working on a novel or… Continue Reading →

Eating Our Way Through Victoria – Coffee’s On!

Hello Dear Ones!

Grab a coffee before you sit down to read. No, it’s not that long an article – but it is the topic for today.

Mike and I, even more than eating our way through the city of Victoria, tend to frequent good coffee shops. We find that we can tell a great deal about a community by the numbers and quality of the coffee houses a location offers its local residents.

Years ago, and back in Ontario, we opted for one particular national coffee spot. There were two prime reasons:  one was the frequency of shops – one on practically every other corner; and the other was consistency – all food and beverage options were the same whichever location we chose. At the time, and with our lifestyle, that was a desired convenience. (Hint: my brother wrote an anthem for them and put it up on YouTube. It now has over 125,000 hits!) Continue Reading →