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He Says, She Says...

Hello, Dear Reader!

If this is your first visit to our ‘He Says, She Says…‘ posts and pages, then briefly what we do is pick a topic each week and write about it individually. Neither of us reads what the other has written until we’re both finished with what we have […]

Marcia's Meanderings

Happy Monday!

In fact, it’s the last Monday before Christmas. Are you ready yet? If not, then I wish you playful power shopping that will energize you as you find the absolutely perfect last minute items at the greatest of prices and in the least amount of time!

My […]

Our Stories

By the way, for those who haven’t noticed yet, at the top of this page you’ll see a link called ‘Our Stories’. Clicking on that will bring you two options, titled (you guessed it!), ‘Marcia’s Stories’ and ‘Mike’s Stories’. There are some there now, and we’ll add to them as we get time. […]