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Celebrating Liz

Hi Folks:

Mike’s sister Liz passed away 23 years ago today. Her greatest legacy is her children, who have grown up to be remarkable people in their own right. Liz was also a talented writer; unfortunately none of her stories are in digital format, which means that they’re tucked away safely in […]

Celebrating Fathers... and Families...

Hi Folks:

I’m old enough to remember when a family was considered to be a combination of a mother, a father and 1.8 children – although I was never sure which one of the kids lost out on that one. But if that was considered ‘normal’, my family was, and continues […]

It's Our Birthday!!

Hi Folks:

Happy 2nd birthday to our blog! Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the US, it seemed appropriate to offer some thanks here as well. After all, we have a lot to be thankful for. So, in no particular order:

We Give Thanks for You: While this little […]

He Says, She Says... Giving Thanks

Hello, Dear Reader!

This past weekend was ‘Thanksgiving’ here in Canada; it’s really no surprise that Thanksgiving comes in the fall because this is when the earth is most fully offering up her bounty. Here on the west coast this can mean everything from an abundant vegetable harvest to wineries starting […]

He Says, She Says...

Hello, Dear Reader!

Well, as we mentioned last Sunday, our new grandson made his way into the world a little over a week ago. He has an older sibling so this is our second grandchild, but we also have a great-nephew. His mother is Mike’s niece, but she’s more like a daughter to him. That […]

One Magic Christmas