He Says, She Says… Expectations

Hello, Dear Reader:

If you follow the idea of ’cause and effect’, then everything that happens has a reason behind it, and everything we do will have some result.  Every cause creates an effect, and every effect has a cause behind it.  Often when we set out on a path we discover unexpected events or circumstances, but with everything we say, everything we do, and everything we imagine, we ‘expect’ something.

WorldNet Search defines ‘expectation’ as:

If you follow the ideas of ‘Law of Attraction‘, then all of our expectations are fulfilled; it’s just that sometimes we’re not aware of what our expectations truly are.  Expectation can sometimes be a loaded word, especially if we find a disconnect between what we ‘want’ to happen, and what we ‘expect’ to happen.  Therefore, for this week’s ‘He Says, She Says…‘ post we thought we’d discuss ‘Expectations‘.

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Marcia’s Meanderings – A Taste

Well, Dear Ones …

Ever had a taste of something new? Maybe you went out to a new restaurant and ordered the ‘sampler’ platter to try this and that to see which of the foods you might find yourself enjoying. Perhaps you accepted the little paper cup of some tiny morsel of a product they’re promoting at the grocery store this week. A friend may have made a new recipe and wanted you to be one of the first guinea pigs … I mean ‘fortunate recipients’ of her creative cooking skills.

When it comes to food, new can often be – yet is not always – a positive experience. Our taste buds over time, and with maturity, may add to the list of foods that we accept into our bodies. However, there may also be some things that your mouth just will not tolerate! It may be that the simple thought of oysters (or replace oysters with any food you may abhor) may have your nose twitching with disgust and your salivary glands racing in the opposite direction – causing a strong gagging reflex from the mere mention of the word – even as dramatic as nausea when the smell of it is nearby.

When it comes to any new life experience the same may apply. Some new experiences might get the adrenaline pumping and, once the challenge has been met and overcome, have you standing taller with pride and giggling from the headiness of the encounter. Other new opportunities and endeavours may have you fleeing back to a place of personal safety before you get a chance to even try them out! Continue Reading →