She Says – Serendipity

Hello Dear Ones!

You’ll have read our intro likely before arriving here. If not, go back here for a moment so you have a feel for our topic today.

Mike and I do not read each others posts before we download them here. Yet I already know that we’ll likely come at this topic from a markedly different perspective. One of the main reasons we do this particular post style in the first place!

One of our favourite movies sparked this topic choice. You know the kind of movie that you watch every time it comes on television even if you’ve already seen it a dozen times and know the dialogue by heart? Yes, that kind!

The movie we saw was: ‘Serendipity’. Per Wikipedia, Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

Boy meets girl in a less than perfect setting – fighting over the last pair of gloves in a department store. Up to now it fits the definition above: Each of them accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate (in this case each other), while looking for something entirely unrelated. At the beginning of the movie there are a series of various other happenings that tie in strongly with the title.

But the timing for a relationship is apparently not to be. In truth I see this movie more about personal growth and wisdom rather than of serendipity.  This couple tried hard to be, think and do exactly the right thing to give themselves a chance to start what seemed like the perfect opportunity for a relationship. At least in the mind of the male lead. The female lead, though, believed in living a serendipitous life – allowing synchronicity to affect the results. However, rather than trusting in the fates, or the powers that be, she chooses to take control. He lets her. As soon as she does and he supports the action, the outcome is not at all synchronous. Nor is it serendipitous. The results are, sadly, not as they would have them.

Each goes on to live other lives. Yet, years later, the memory of their one day encounter haunts them both. Serendipity again comes into play to bring her back into the vicinity of his life once more. Yet the timing is still not right. There is no flow. For example, they are on the same street, at the exact same places, but at different times merely moments apart. The audience sees the powerful connections, of course, but the couple do not.

It is only when they both realize what it is they truly want from life and from a relationship, that the fates intervene to create the flow of  all the serendipitous events that eventually lead to their being reunited once again.

Sure, it’s a movie and the storyline is well scripted into the action and outcome. Yet is life like that as well?

Serendipity occurs when we humans, in our attempt to have total control in our lives, experience magic in spite of our controlling effort rather than because of it. The outcome is often laborious in its finale. Time lines tend to be delayed. Yet it is still magical in the end – especially when you consider the odds!

Synchronicity, however, is the result of being in the right place at the right time. The reasons, often as not, don’t have to be ‘right’ – they merely need to be inspired! Magic happens because the inner voice is listened to and action is taken based on that inner voice. The resulting flow of events runs smoothly and is always perfectly orchestrated – to the point of awe.

There were originally moments of serendipitous events in my friendship with Mike – prior to our eventual relationship. We knew we each wanted more, yet could not acknowledge the feelings – to ourselves or to each other.  We tried so hard to orchestrate time together – taking control as it were. It did not flow. There were the few glimmers of magic – hard fought victories. Yet once we were both free to become a couple, and once we began to live this spiritual life – letting go the control, putting out our requests/our dreams and allowing the Universe to take the reins – there have since been so very many sychronistic moments I don’t have enough fingers and toes or hairs on my head to count the number of magical events that have occurred to us, and for us, both as a couple and in our relationships with others. Magic and marvel abound when we listen to our inner voices and act accordingly. I so adore the outcome! I love that our love with and for each other and our life together – our spiritual life – has lead us on this magical journey!

How do we keep the magic alive after all these years? To me it’s a simple formula that can be summed up in a song sung by a big purple dinosaur:

I love you

You love me

We’re a happy family.

With a great big kiss

And a hug from me to you

Won’t you say …

You love me too?

Whichever one of us sings it – Mike or I – the response by the one not singing the song  is always: “You love me too!!!!!!!” And then we both giggle.

Mike and I like and respect, honour and adore each other. And though the above silliness may seem foolish to you, playfulness is a major part of our loving equation. We can be ourselves truly – in all our beautiful, not so beautiful and quirky ways – and still know we will be liked. The old expression (author unknown): “A friend is someone who knows all about you and likes you anyway” rings true for us.

The adoration and love we experience and share is not an occasional emotion that surfaces on anniversaries and when one partner or the other wants something. It is an ongoing, daily devotion – given and received freely and with heartfelt joy. When you know you are cherished and know that you can cherish that someone in return, it adds a dimension to the relationship beyond what you could ever read about in a book, see in a movie, or listen to in the lyrics of a song.

We keep the magic of our love alive by being the magic and living a magical life – and sharing the joys and challenges of a spiritually growing relationship with each other and with the God of our mutual understanding. There is seldom a day goes by that we don’t talk about spiritual issues, the magical experiences that occur to us each day, what makes up the best part of our day – together and apart.

We begin and close our day taking time and honouring us as US. And threaded through it all is a youthful glee and a playful approach to life.

As with any relationship, we do occasionally have our challenges. Yet there is an underlying respect that allows us to give space to our partner and ourselves to come to grips with whatever may be detracting us from living the most joyous life we can in the moment. Whether it takes a few hours or days (in years past it used to be weeks or longer … ) we have someone close by who is ready to accept us back to the fullness of the relationship and who is ready and willing to listen and to learn about the challenges and the resolves that we had been experiencing. It always ends up being a growing opportunity for us both. Even if only one of us is having issues, both of us are affected.

We love and adore life. We love and adore each other. We love and adore existence. We are grateful for the  multitude of blessings in our life – and each of us is a blessing one to the other in immeasurable ways.

In Light and Laughter and Love,



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