She Says – Opposites

Hello Dear Ones!

Well, it seems that our He Says, She Says… topic this week is a rather complex one. Opposites. That Seth quote didn’t do much for my mind’s desire to keep things simple … but then simple and complex are opposites, now, aren’t they?!!!

I tend to avoid opposites: black versus white; in versus out; high versus low; happy versus sad … For me I prefer to find the balance point between the two extremes … a spot somewhere in the middle that works for me. See my recent Marcia’s Meandering post on Finding Balance. Grey – the balance point between black and white – is a truly beautiful colour if you choose to honour its blend of the best of both of its opposites. The mid-point between happy and sad for me is contentment. I must be a Momma Bear – as from the Goldilocks story – as I find that ‘just right’ is the perfect solution.

Let’s look at a graph image of extremes – opposites:

Black[__________   o __________]White

My ideal here is the perfect center (the “o” indicating the center point) – a balanced image where the amount of black on the left is equal in proportion to the amount of white on the right. It works for someone like me who may want equal portions. The location of the “o” might be different for you in your life, to maybe look like this:

Black[______________  o ______]White

Therefore any balance between opposites can be varied and entirely different from individual to individual, situation to situation. Adds a complexity (pun intended!) to the overall extended contemplation of the topic.

Do opposites unite us in some fashion? To me, only by the diversity of the permutations and combinations possible  (each of us unique in our preferences and beliefs) opposites, balances and placements of any sort in between remain immeasurable, unpredictable, and totally human! To me the deliciousness of our humanness is the only unity it offers.

In Light and Laughter,



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