Receiving (More) Kindness!

Be a Hugging Star chalk artHi Folks:

A year ago we posted a blog post titled, “Receiving Kindness“, where we wrote about two gifts we had received in exchange for our ongoing hugging spot chalk art project. The first was a beautiful painted stone someone left on top of our gate, and the second was a lovely note someone taped to the inside of our gate.

Our last blog post (A Smile from Niklas) profiled a smile rock we received from someone named Niklas, left on top of our gate, and this has since been followed by another lovely note! We found it after setting out our BE A HUGGING STAR design; the note looks like this:

It would be tempting to ask who we are to receive such generous acts of kindness, but even in contemplating that we know that’s not a question worth asking. Instead, we are simply grateful. There is so much good in the world and we are very lucky to be a small part of it.


P.S. Just as we were finishing the star design above, two brothers came by and stopped to chat. One asked if he could leave a message; he choose the blue chalk. For himself he wrote ‘HI’ and for his brother he wrote ‘LOYAL’. Seemed like the perfect addition. 🙂

P.S. II, the sequel. We recently became involved with a group of people through Postcrossing – a site that encourages people from around the world to mail paper postcards to other people. So far we’ve sent our Free Hugs postcards to Germany, Poland and the US through Postcrossing, and we’ve received cards from Japan and the US. We were contacted by someone through the site to ask if we’d be willing to send postcards to people in Ukraine, so we wrote out six postcards, put them in an envelope and sent them off. We received the following lovely postcard in return! If you’d like to send postcards to people living in Ukraine you can start here: Postcards to the Front (Canada). There’s an affiliate in Australia and there may be others, but this link should get you started at least.

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  1. perry

    i can always count on you both to be shining stars when it comes to the message of kindness.. love from the prairies


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