2023 Hug Zones

a sidewalk chalk drawing in four colours - circles within circles - with text that reads, "Prime Hugs Zone"Anyone else needing a nice warm hug? As explained in our We Have Huggers!! post in May last year, we came across a short video on Instagram showing someone who had created a Free Hugs zone in sidewalk chalk outside their house – and the various people who had taken advantage of the situation. Always willing to contribute to more acts of kindness, we created our own first attempt. We were so inspired by the effect that we created 11 different hug zone patterns in 2022 (12, if you include the one we created at our old Free Hugs spot at the Homecoming Memorial at Ship Point).

Well, we started earlier this year as we seem to have a break in the rain for a bit. We’ll take all of the healthy rain we can get as Victoria has a tendency toward hot, dry summers, but the rain does wreak havoc on our chalk art.

So the above is our first contribution to the Free Hugs movement for this year. If you’re wandering by James Bay and want to stop for a moment you’re more than welcome! And if you’re nowhere near here, feel free to create your own Hug Zone!!

Remember to hug someone you love today, even if it’s you!!

P.S. Many thanks to the two sisters who were the first (after us) to try out our hugging spot! We’re pretty sure they were the first people last year, too!!

Update – Stay tuned for more!!

September 2023

#11 A simplified idea of a pattern developed by mathematician Roger Penrose.

Penrose TilingAugust 2023

#10 Hugscotch 2.0 – while our grandson was in town, went to our old hugging spot at Ship Point and created a new Hugscotch. We even got to see spontaneous hugging before we left!

a chalk art hopscotch with start points at both ends. In the middle is a large circle and text that reads, "HUG HERE"Of course, Marcia had to try it out before we could release it for public use.

Marcia and our grandson sharing a hug in the middle of our hugscotch drawingJuly 2023

#9 Rainbow Hugs – one of our grandsons came to visit at the end of July; this was a collaborative effort

a chalk art drawing with a rainbow rising from above a cloud. The text reads, "GET RAINBOW HUGS HERE"#8 Be a Hugging Star

a chalk art drawing of a star - a curve made from straight lines - in different colours. On both sides of it the text reads, "BE A HUGGING STAR"#7 Our Canada Day hugs celebration! We duplicated this design, creating it both in front of our house and at our old hugging spot at Ship Point.

Marcia standing in front of our hugging tree, and by a chalk art circle. There are two circles, one 4 ft in diameter and one 2 ft in diameter. The inner one has a chalk drawing of the Canadian flag. Between the circles the text reads, "Happy Canada Day" and "Share Hugs Here".June 2023

#6 Our celebration of Father’s Day 🙂

A multi-coloured chalk drawing of a large circle, encircled by smaller circles around its edge. There's a two-coloured heart in the middle, and on opposite sides outside the circle it reads, "Hug Your Dad"#5 A celebration of hugs. And the approach of summer!

A sidewalk chalk drawing beginning with a large, multi-coloured circle. Within the circle, at the centre is a red/pink heart. Surrounding the heart are fireworks, and at the top and bottom of the circle are the words Hug HereMay 2023

#4 This is our old hugging zone at Ship Point. In 11 years we shared hugs here with thousands of people from (at least) 88 countries. For the nonce, we’re encouraging people to share hugs with each other.

A large chalk art circle in four colours. Inside the circle are two sets of footprints, facing each other. Outside the circle, the text reads, "Hug Here."#3 Our Mother’s Day hug zone in front of our house. A new interpretation of Marcia’s design from last year.

A chalk art drawing of a flower within a circle. Outside the circle the text reads, "Hug Your Mother"April 2023:

#2 Our second design for this year. Spring rains wiped out the first one.

A large multi-coloured chalk drawing with an outer circle and two counter-rotating spirals into the center. Outside the circle the text reads, "Spiral Into Hugs"

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    1. Mike Nelson Pedde Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Gary. We live in a world where many people and companies seem to have forgotten that Free means to give something with no expectation of return. We delight in those who stop at our hug zone and those who simply smile as they walk past, but we offer this gift without expectation. Maybe it’s that in itself that makes it beyond price for you?



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