We Have Huggers!!

Hi Folks:

If you follow our blog you’ll know that for some 11 years we took our FREE HUGS posters to downtown Victoria and shared hugs with thousands of locals and visitors from (at least) 88 countries. Sadly, we had to quit in March 2020, and we have yet to return. Someday… In the interim we continue to give out Hug Certificates and we have sent out a smattering of Free Hugs postcards. We also continue to share hugs with loved ones where we can… but yesterday we tried something new…

What follows is not originally our idea, so to give credit where it’s due, we came across this on Instagram the other day:

We thought, “What a great idea!!” So here’s our version:

Hugging Spot

This is our first such creation; the rain will eventually wash it out and we’ll create something different, but that’s part of the fun. Now, as tempting as it might be for us to camp out by the window and silently encourage everyone who walks by, this isn’t about us. It’s about those who find themselves on this little patch of earth. We have seen several so far: the two women friends who stopped, hugged, left, then returned two more times!; the man who stopped to take a picture, then grabbed his father and pulled him in for a hug; families; children; adults; even the man who hugged himself, then kept on walking!!

So, if you’ve found this little section of sidewalk, stopped to hug someone important to you, taken a picture, or even just smiled to yourself as you walked on, you’ve left a little piece of yourself and your love in our garden. For this we thank you 🙂


Well, the rain washed out our first design, and we had to sing this song:

Hugging Spot Chalk Art Song

All the chalk is gone
    (the chalk is gone) 

And the sidewalk’s gray
    (and the sidewalk’s gray!!) 

Seems the rain came down
    (the rain came down) 

Washed it all away… 
    (washed it all away!!) 

We had hoped for hugs
    (had hoped for hugs) 

At this end of May
    (at this end of May!!) 

Instead we’ll just be dreamin’
    (we’ll just be dreamin’)

on this stormy Saturday!!  🌧️

But We Will Return!! 🖍️

Marcia designed this one … ver 2.0!!

Hugging SpotVer. 3!!

Ver. 4!!

Ver. 5 🙂

Ver. 5

P.S. Sidewalk chalk is pretty easy to find, and if you know of a little section of sidewalk that could use some attention, feel free to add your own hugging place! We are all connected, and we all need that sense of connection. 🤗

P.S. II, the sequel:

In having a look around the ‘net we discovered this Hugging Spot in NYC:

And also this secret Hugging Spot, hiding in the poster’s kitchen:

2 Replies to “We Have Huggers!!”

  1. Diana

    This is lovely. This is a happening. This is public art. This is performance art. I also love the video of the people hugging in the IG post…all so unique, being themselves.

    1. Mike Nelson Pedde Post author

      Performance art indeed!! The plants in the garden are a most captivated audience!! (so are we )

      When we did our Free Hugs campaigns, we offered but people had to come to us. It was always spontaneous, and always beautiful.


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