Photo of the Month – September

Hi Folks:

September was a busy month for Victoria, hosting (among other things) the Classic Boat Festival, the Chalk Art Festival and a visit from the British Royal family. However, in sorting through the 1100+ images we made last month, we were drawn once again to images we made in Beacon Hill Park. It really is a magical place for us.

Marcia’s image is first; we were walking west through the park one afternoon when we were caught in a sudden shower. The light was magical, and since every good Victorian keeps an umbrella at the ready (at least from September through to May or so), while we ducked under a cedar tree for cover and Mike deployed the umbrella (to keep the camera dry!) Marcia was able to make a sequence of images of that incredible day.

Summer Shower

Summer Shower

One afternoon a week later Mike was walking through the park and noticed that the wind had done its work of gathering the autumn leaves in its basket and laying them out to create a blanket to keep the little people warm for the winter. This time the blanket spread over one of the many ponds in the park, making it seem as though one could walk across to the other side. Maybe next time. 😉

Walking on Water

Walking on Water

Okay, that’s it for today. Now go out and make some photographs!


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