Hugging the Royals… (almost)

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Victoria’s October rains are among us once again, which is very good for the aquifer but not so good for hugging (even though we did get our new posters laminated). Once we get a free day that’s clear we’ll be back out again!

As it happened, our two most recent hugging sessions coincided with the arrival and departure of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and family on their tour of Canada. We knew something was up when we saw the legislature grounds being set up the day before their arrival, but needs must so the following day we headed to our usual location at the Homecoming Memorial. We had thought they might get time in their schedule to come and see us, but alas it was not to be. Nonetheless, we had a steady stream of people passing by on their way downtown so we had a wonderfully busy afternoon!

On the day the family were scheduled to depart we honestly had no idea. It wasn’t until we got closer to our preferred location on Wharf Street that we noticed the road barricades and the extra security being set in place. As it happened the family was departing via Harbour Air, which is just down the hill from where we were set up, posters in hand. Again, we had a steady stream of people coming by and stopping for hugs. As we were so much closer this time we thought the Royal family might come over and see us, but again it was not to be. Having said that, their motor cavalcade drove past us, and as they did Marcia had a chance for a few seconds of direct eye-to-eye contact with Kate, followed by a little half-smile. Pure speculation, but it may be that in the relative safety of her vehicle she was free for a moment to be simply Kate rather than the Duchess of Cambridge. Personally, we can’t imagine the strain of being in the public eye 24/7.

One of their security detail mentioned that he would have hugged us but he wasn’t allowed to do so on duty. We look forward to meeting him again under different circumstances! We received quizzical looks from some of the police officers on scene and smiles and waves from some of the others who have seen us before. As always, we had fun.

Our thanks to everyone who stopped to share hugs, stories and tidbits of their lives. Our thanks also to the young woman from Eritrea, who hugged us on her first day in Canada. And special thanks to the two young women who shared hugs with us, left, then came back a little while later with treats from Roger’s Chocolates! We’ve had people offer to give us money in the past, but we always refuse. The hugs and the loving intention that goes with them are free. However, one must make exception when it comes to dark chocolate. 😉 And if any of the Royal family happen to drop by the Homecoming Memorial when we’re out, we’ll be happy to share hugs with you too!

Inveterate Hugger

Inveterate Hugger

Go out and hug someone you love today. Or a stranger. Or, preferably, both!


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