Happy Pi Day!!

Hi Folks:

It’s that one day of the year again (3-14) where we celebrate all things irrational by honouring the most famous of their brethren, pi (Ï€). And as any mathematician worth his or her salt with tell you, nothing associates better with pi than pastry! It may be the perfect alchemical blending of flour and lard, egg and vinegar… or it may just be the homonym. No matter.


However, since Marcia’s gone gluten-free, we’re still perfecting (read experimenting) a recipe with buckwheat flour and xantham gum. The waffles we’ve worked out pretty well, but the pastry is still awfully short. So, while most people associate pies with desserts, tonight for supper we’re going to celebrate pi day with a variation of Michael Smith’s Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart. Bacon as a crust alternative…what could be more perfect than that? Our alternative keeps the bacon, but we’re substituting sweet potato for the spuds and we’re adding in a Granny Smith apple or two. Maybe a sprinkle of nutmeg in with the salt and pepper, and possibly some havarti rather than cheddar. Cooking (as Michael Smith would tell you) is all about adventure, cooking without a fixed recipe.

However you celebrate pi day, we wish you gustatorial success!!


P.S. You can read our previous Pi Day posts by following the link: Pi Day

P.S. II, the sequel. Thanks to Creative Commons for pointing us to the pi symbol! Clicking on the image will lead you to the download page.

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