Unique. And Perfect.

Hi Folks:

In all of the world you have one thing that no one else has ever had or will ever have: your story. No one in all of history will ever share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, ideas, fears, beliefs, dreams, joys, triumphs or loves. That makes you unique. If you look up unique in the dictionary it means, “one of a kind, unequaled, no basis for comparison.” You’re the only You that will ever be, and that makes you special. Now, in a world bent on expressing conformity it may seem to be non-conformist, radical, or even (dare I say it?) eccentric to be unique, but you Are. There’s nothing to be afraid of, nothing you can change anyway, and uniqueness leads to ever expanding diversity.

Perfection is another matter altogether. We think we understand perfection and so we aim for it, in varying ways and to different degrees. In his book ‘Alice, or The Mysteries’ Baron Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote, “He believed, not in the ultimate perfection of mankind, but of their progressive perfectibility.” Perfection is offered up as the ultimate goal, even if we can’t achieve it. We chase it, endlessly, relentlessly.

There’s just one thing, however. Perfection, defined means, “a state beyond which no further improvement is possible”. Looked at a different way, perfection is the ultimate dead end. Not only that, but there can be no two truly perfect things, because one of them would have to be held as less than the other and therefore imperfect. I’m not sure what true perfection would look like, but I imagine it would resemble something like a billiard cue ball.

So here’s the question… and it’s not what to do if you ever reach a state of perfection. The question is, “Why would you even want to bother?” Being unique leads to greater unfoldment and ever increasing diversity. Perfection leads to stripping away anything and everything extraneous until one reaches only the perfect.

You are unique. Celebrate it!!



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  1. richard

    I have always been considered weird but now at 86 I have graduated to eccentric. Still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Oh well I guess I'll never be perfect.


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