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It's Our Birthday!!


Hi Folks:

It’s our Birthday!  Actually, technically our blog’s birthday was yesterday, but yesterday was also the Christmas Tree Lighting and Santa Claus Parade downtown and one should never pass up the chance for free hot chocolate.  It’s important to set priorities… 🙂

We’re now four years old, and WordPress tells us we have (cue drum roll)… 404 blog posts and 137 pages to read.  Wow.  But enough about us!  Today we want to give thanks for you, our readers.  Thank you for your visits, your referrals, your comments, and most of all, thanks for continuing to drop by and visit our little corner of the ‘net!  You are much appreciated!!

Marcia and Mike.

P.S. And thanks to our grandsons (and their mom) for the use of their birthday banner.  You totally rocked it!!

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