International Free Hugs Day!!

Hi Folks:

Today, July 7 (the first Saturday in July every year) is International Free Hugs Day!!  So hug someone you love today.  Or a stranger.  Or, preferably, both!!  This is our third year of hugging Victoria, so if you’re in Victoria today, drop by the Homecoming Statue (near the Tourism Victoria building, downtown by Ship’s Point) and we’ll be happy to share a hug with you!!


(with big thanks and free hugs to our friends Aaron and Duncan for the use of their images)

Free Hugs Victoria 2010


Free Hugs Victoria 2012


Free Hugs Victoria 2012


Free Hugs Victoria 2011


UPDATE: We had a fabulous day on Saturday, and shared hugs with several hundred people, of all ages and sizes!  In our three years of Hugging Victoria we’ve shared hugs with people (that we know of) from Russia, Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, Thailand, Japan, China, India, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Australia, Iran, US and even Canada!!  Our profound thanks to all of you!!


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