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Hi Folks:

Every photograph has some significance to the person who made it; there’s a ‘story’ attached to every image. Those viewing the image may have their own associations or memories that lend significance to the image, but it’s often said that a great photograph can stand on its own, without explanation. Perhaps. As both a writer and a photographer I like to think the image and the story go hand in hand.

Earlier this month Marcia and I were walking some trails around Saanich and I stopped to make some images of some vetch flowers, using my little walkaround camera. We were at the south end of the pond near Glendale Gardens, enjoying the day and the view when a male Anna’s Hummingbird came by to visit those same flowers. He stayed with us, less than 2m (about 5 ft) away – alternately drinking from the flowers, hovering or perched on a nearby branch amid the vines. He was aware of but not deterred by our presence; I’d like to think he appreciated our company as much as we did his! I didn’t want to make any overt movements, but since I had my camera in hand I tried to make some images by literally ‘shooting from the hip’. I made 17 images in total, approximating where the lens should point, but of all of them only one came out. It’s far from being a ‘perfect’ image, but it does hold wonderful memories.

Now go out and make some photographs!


Anna's Hummingbird

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