He Says, She Says… When Dreams Do NOT Come True

Hello, Dear Reader:

A desire arose within Marcia four weeks ago. An ad appeared in the employment section of the local newspaper requesting applications for a position Marcia had both the skill and the passion to tackle. She felt it a perfect job fit and a truly outstanding role. Thoughts of moving into this role had her excited! The added advantage of a more remunerative wage than her current position offered, plus medical benefits and other perks had her submitting her revised resume with a very wisely worded, professional cover letter.

She got an interview. In fact, she was the first to be interviewed by a 3-person panel. It went outstandingly well. Marcia felt she set the bar high for all other candidates being considered. As she had been taught and because it felt right, she then sent an e-mail to all 3 interviewers the day after the interview to thank them for their time, their expressed interest and the pleasure and privilege it was for her to have shared with them and learned from them during the process.

Due to a large number of qualified candidates and a week’s unavoidable absence by one of the interviewers, there was a two week wait to hear the results. By the  Thursday of the second week, Marcia thought (at Mike’s wise suggestion) to send a  “Thanks for taking the time to interview me, I’m still interested …” e-mail to each of the 3 interviewers. She was in the midst of composing this e-mail when the telephone rang.

The head interviewer was calling, he said, rather than sending out a mere letter, to advise that the final decision was to hire someone else, however … that each of the interviewers were so impressed with Marcia that they wanted her to know they strongly request she re-apply for any upcoming positions within the same organization.

During the two week wait, Marcia found ways to honour and appreciate the employer she currently has, being grateful for the financial remuneration provided during this tough time, thankful for the colleagues with whom she is working, and pleased to be offering her skills and assistance to all customers. Marcia also focused on high vibrational thoughts, envisioned her presence within the potentially new facility and amongst the staff and saw our finances and security improving happily and healthfully. And then on Thursday, everything came crashing down around her.

As she picks up the pieces of her broken dream, we thought to tackle this issue in this week’s ‘He Says, She Says…‘ post, “When Dreams Do NOT Come True‘.


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2 Replies to “He Says, She Says… When Dreams Do NOT Come True”

  1. Nardine

    Oh sweet Marcia,

    I had this same experience… with my own colours and energetic perspectives, and that dream did not come true either. And I too, will always find my way into alignment [or the Vortex] knowing all is in perfect order for my lightest love.

    To then acknowledge, accept, and appreciate the magic of my dreams, for they keep me ever marvelling at the majesty of creation through my imaginings…

    Bless the wonders in this tapestry we weave, sweet sister in d’light!

    1. tomarciamae Post author

      Nardine … finding our way in perfect order … each on her own journey … reveling in the beauty of the tapestry we each weave … visible, not to ourselves, yet by each other … truly in light and laughter!


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