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Hello Dear Ones!

Today’s topic came clearly and emphatically to both Mike and I this week. What each of us thought (independently of each other) to be a challenging belief, turned out to be a symptom or mask of an actual core belief. See if this resonates with you:

You are doing everything you sense is wise. You are living your true self.  You trust and follow through on your instincts and inspirations. You know that things should be moving along swimmingly and yet are finding things not flowing easily or synchronistically. In the short term, you try to let this go, finding ways to rationalize the discrepancy. However, as it continues over the longer term you begin to question what is occurring.  Something is not right. You look around for the source of the dichotomy between what you know should be unfolding and what is failing to appear, to manifest.

Over time, you begin to question your own role in the less-than-ideal outcomes. You start to doubt your instincts, insights and wisdom. You may get angry – at yourself, at situations or at the Divine … depending upon where you may be at that moment within your inner growth. You recognize this as the problem or challenge you need to overcome and  you are ready and willing to tackle it.

Sound familiar?

When Mike and I got to that place – at relatively the same time! – we both saw that we had failed to learn a valuable lesson along the way. So we were looking at ourselves as the source of our inability, our failure, to entice and incite divine flow. It took a fabulous free webinar with Jennifer McLean  http://www.bigbookofyoublog.com and Lisa Garr http://www.TheAwareShow.com to open us both up to the deeper recognition of the core belief facing us.

Mike recognized it first and the minute he mentioned it, the immediate AHA arrived for me as well!  Without going into too much detail – our world was growing smaller when we felt it should have been expanding in unlimited spiritual fashion. Our life was shrinking. How could this be? It didn’t make sense. And the more our world shrank, the more fear arose. The more fear that arose, the smaller our world became. It was a downward spiral … with a very apparent end in sight – and we didn’t like what we saw.

What was Mike’s revelation? That somehow, in our lives, we had each adopted, and maintained, the inner belief that though we were living and loving our spiritual life, living a spiritual life was not enough. It was not enough to provide for us. We apparently, and yet obviously, believed that a spiritual life did not hold value within our society. If it did, we would be prospering in every aspect of our lives!

Since the physical world is a reflection of the inner world, what shows up in physical reality is a metaphor for what is going on within. The symbol we’ve been seeing physically is that we don’t have enough. Yet what is the actual inner world definition? In the inner reality there is no having there is only beingness. So if the physical symbol is that we don’t have enough (or we’re not smart enough or attractive enough) … in fact, the true definition is believing that we simply are not enough.

If we send out an intention to take our life in a specific direction, then everything that is not in line with that intention starts to break free and comes into our awareness, allowing us to acknowledge these beliefs as no longer fitting what is in our best interest and to let them go. However, rather than letting them go we tend to focus on them. When we come across a problem we try to fix it. And when we focus on the problem – TA DA! – the problem becomes the focus and the results turn to a lesser vibrational frequency.

When this pattern occurs, we are programmed to work through it! But according to Jennifer McLean, this shows up ,in truth, when we have actually come so very far that we are merely showing ourselves the contrast. When we choose to view it all from a playful stance – something light, positive and fun – it changes the entire energy of the experience from being negative and a problem to being positive and high vibrational! Celebrations!

Once Jennifer had discussed this process, she asked Lisa Garr and those on the call to think about a personal challenge and to consider this challenge from this new perspective – with a playful approach! The personal challenge that came forward for both Mike and I was the idea of not enough which was being symbolically created as not having enough. Rather than simply recognizing it as an old concept or belief that no longer fit with our intentions, we found these thoughts took our focus away from our intention by trying to overcome it! Through Jennifer’s suggestion ,we learned to shift from focusing on the broken off bits – the parts that don’t fit the intention -  and to begin seeing them as old patterns that simply needed to be let go of.

Maybe more simply – it’s like the difference between tackling an issue seen as a problem and feeling you have to move through it in order to overcome it … or to recognize that you have come so far that you are showing yourself what you used to believe and are giving yourself a contrasting example to prove to yourself just how far you have truly come!

We both certainly adore this new, refreshing and playful perspective!

In discussing it all further we realized that there is an underlying deeper issue. Mike’s grandmother used to say:” Lord, I knew you wouldn’t give me any more than you knew I could handle, but sometimes I wish you didn’t have such a high opinion of me!” There are variations to this, however they all share the same theme – that God or the Universe provides or sends challenges, problems or difficulties in order for us to grow. The assumption is that without these problems we’ll stagnate and become complacent. However, nothing else in all existence looks at life this way! Seth said:

“The state of grace is a condition in which all growth is effortless, a transparent, joyful acquiescence that is a ground requirement of all existence. Your own body grows naturally and easily from its time of birth, not expecting resistance but taking its miraculous unfolding for granted; using all of itself with great, gracious, creatively aggressive abandon.” ~ The Nature of Personal Reality, session 636.

“Effortless … joyful acquiescence … miraculous unfolding.” Hmmm…

So what if growth is inherently a natural part of existence? Rather than looking at life as a series of problems to overcome, it can become a series of joyous adventures. Perspective is important since energy is at the heart of the creative force that brings things into being.

This all looks very clearly like Jennifer’s suggestion to view contrast with a joyful perspective. We had been focusing so much on what had not yet shown up in our lives, that we had failed to see the true lesson: that we were showing ourselves just how far we had actually come so that we could enjoy the ride!

Mike and I are more than enough! We are infinite! And we are worthy of everything! We all are! Shifting our perspective on this issue from one of being a challenging aspect to being a playful opportunity to grow beyond the limitations we were once willing to settle for – what a refreshing and delightful step out and up!

In Light and Laughter,


(BTW: Mike and I collaborated on this topic, so there are no opposing views/perspectives this week!)

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