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Hi Folks:  Well, if you promise not to mention that the ‘photo of the month’ post was due yesterday, I’ll pretend not to notice!

At a meeting of our local photography group recently, several people did presentations of images based on a specific theme.  Mine was on ‘faces’.  I should explain that I’m not a people photographer, and people appear in far less than 5% of my work.  I shot a wedding, once, and swore I would never do it again.  However, as a landscape photographer one thing I like to do is to look for ‘faces’ and things in other objects.  Sometimes they’re fairly obvious and sometimes they’re more elusive.  If you go through my Flickr photostream you’ll find a number of such images, but I chose one to highlight as April’s photo of the month.  It’s a piece of driftwood I found along the shore on Dallas Road – nearly an entire tree, in fact, and there are some good size rocks embedded into the roots.  However, looked at from the bottom of the tree the shape forms a fairly good representation of a human skull.



I converted it to B&W in Lightroom as it strips away the different colours and brings your focus more to the shapes themselves.  A little macabre, perhaps, but as an image, I like it.


P.S.  Inspired by Kathy’s comment (below), I went through the images in our Flickr stream and compiled all of the ‘faces’ and other resemblances into one set.  There are presently 91 images there, and I’ll add more as I upload them.  You can find them here: Faces

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  1. Kathy Loh

    I also love to look for (and find) faces in other objects, especially trees. When this photo was downloading, I thought it was going to be an African child laying sideways – see the rock to the right and then you can imagine it draped in something that blends into and becomes the rest of the tree. The longer I look, the more faces I see. Great shot – thanks!

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