He Says, She Says… Who Needs Ya, Baby?

Hello, Dear Reader:

Who do you have in your life that needs you?  How do you feel about this?  Feels good to be needed, doesn’t it?  But what if nobody needed you… how would you feel about that?  Not so good?  Is it because you need to be needed?  This week we thought we’d explore this idea of ‘needs’, both being needed and being needy.  After all, Who Needs Ya, Baby?

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2 Replies to “He Says, She Says… Who Needs Ya, Baby?”

  1. Sequoia

    This is something that I think about very often, and I am glad that you have made a post on it. I do not really know what to say on the subject, except that it is a very sad thought to feel or believe that no one needs you. I can not say that I know that anyone NEEDS me, I try not to think about it most of the time, because I would have to say that life would be pretty empty and meaningless if no one needed me. – Sequoia

    1. wolfnowl Post author

      Hi Sequoia and thanks for dropping by our little corner of the 'net! Each Sunday we pick a topic and we both offer our opinions on that subject, but those certainly aren't the only valid options. All I can suggest is that if thinking nobody needs you makes you unhappy, then you should find a thought that brings a smile instead.



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