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Photography Links - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Hi There: A while back I did a post on photography sites that I visit daily or at least with some regularity. I also have a page on ‘Becoming a Better Photographer‘ that links to about fifty photographers’ websites.

Anyway, I use Tweetcaster and TweetDeck to manage my Twitter account, and through that I receive all tweets related to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. I seem to be sending the same links to people with regard to Lightroom questions, so I thought I’d add them all in here. NB: I won’t even pretend that this list encompasses EVERY page devoted to Lightroom; it doesn’t. Also, there are new pages being created all the time. However, this should give you a good start. I`ll also mention that there are several very good books out on Lightroom, but I haven`t included those here. BTW, before you go any further, do yourself a favour. Start Lightroom and go to Edit/ Catalog Settings (Windows) or Lightroom/ Catalog Settings (Mac) and on the Metadata tab, check the box that says, “Automatically write changes into XMP”. You’ll be glad you did. It’s off by default, and won’t update .xmp files automatically – you’ll have to tell Lightroom to do it manually. That’s fine, unless you forget and your catalog becomes corrupted or your drive crashes or… and you lose all of your develop work, metadata/keyword information, etc. There’s a tradeoff with speed, but in my opinion it’s worth it. Or you might be better organized than I am… 😉 For more information you might want to read our ‘Lightroom, File Management and Metadata‘ post.

Update (April 28, 2015)

Well,  as you’ve probably already heard, Adobe has recently introduced Lightroom 6/ Lightroom CC. If you’re a fan of the CC structure from Adobe then you’re good to go. If you’re not (and I’m not), Adobe has made it clear that Lr6 will be the last standalone (for sale) version of the software. As for Tom Hogarty’s assurances that Lightroom would never be a subscription-only product… 😐

At the moment I’ve downloaded the trial version of Lr6 and it does have some nice new features. The CC version is easy to find on Adobe’s website; one can also buy Lr for $149 US or upgrade for $79 US, but it’s a lot harder to find. Adobe really doesn’t want you to buy it, but they’re willing to make concessions. You can get it here. (NB: this link is for the Canadian Adobe site, but it should make a good starting place).

When a new release comes out I usually highlight sites that offer tutorials on new features. In this case, John Paul Caponigro has done it first, so it’s best to start here: Lightroom CC / 6 Resources Roundup. For $79 US I’ll probably buy the upgrade… I’ve been with Lightroom since the first Beta version. Back then it was revolutionary. However, I’m also looking very seriously at Capture One Pro software from the folks at Phase One. It has some features Lightroom doesn’t have and vice versa and it’s a very powerful program. Maybe they’ll even put it on sale again! 🙂

BTW, one new feature of Lightroom 6/ CC is the ability to use your computer’s GPU (graphics processing unit) in the Develop module. It may or may not work for you, depending on your video card, but if it doesn’t, first try updating your video drivers. More information here.

Always remember Rule #5.
Back to your regularly scheduled blog post… BTW, you can get to this page from: – it’s a little easier to remember. Also, for the most part the links below don’t like to specific web pages, but to websites that offer tutorials and information. At the risk of overstating the obvious, as the people who own these sites add new pages to their sites, the links below will still be valid (but you’ll have to go to each site to see what’s new). Check them all out, or choose a few that interest you!

In no particular order:

Well, I ran out of fingers and toes and had to borrow Marcia`s but assuming I can still count there are over 200 links there, and I`d hate to guess how many articles, tips, tutorials and videos. However, if none of them answers your question, I’d recommend checking out the Luminous Landscape Lightroom Q&A forum. The Luminous Landscape site itself has a wealth of information on a variety of subjects (including Lightroom), and in thanks to the site`s owner, Michael Reichmann, I`ll give ‘LuLa’ special attention.


P.S. As far as I know all of the links are active, but if you come across a broken link or you`d like to add another site, please leave us a comment and let us know. Last updated May 26, 2017.

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