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Photography Links - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Hi There:

April 12, 2019

This post has been sadly neglected for some time, and when we went from http: to https:, WordPress would no longer load it properly (at least on Windows). I’ve gone through and fixed the code so that the links work, but one must keep in mind that this page was originally created in 2010 and much has changed since then. I still have and use Lightroom 6.14, which is the last standalone version of Lightroom. Adobe and I parted ways when they went completely to Lightroom CC (now Lightroom Classic or something like that). The software itself is still good and has some new features, but having lived through the entire debacle from the beginning, I admit I lost all faith in Adobe as a company and have moved on. I’m currently working on a blog post on developing a hybrid workflow (Lightroom, Capture One and Affinity Photo); that will get published when I get to it! In the meantime, at least some of the links below still work but as before you take full responsibility for checking them out for yourself. If you find a dead link or you want to add a new one to the list, feel free to leave a comment below or fill out our Contact Form. There are some 85 tutorials on our site related to photography and software like Lightroom; we trust you’ll find something of interest to you!

Always remember Rule #5 (have fun).


Back to your regularly scheduled blog post… BTW, you can get to this page from: – it’s a little easier to remember. Also, for the most part the links below don’t like to specific web pages, but to websites that offer tutorials and information. At the risk of overstating the obvious, as the people who own these sites add new pages to their sites, the links below will still be valid (but you’ll have to go to each site to see what’s new). Check them all out, or choose a few that interest you!

In no particular order:

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